When you take a look at the works of a photographers, you can quickly tell their skill level and assume their years of experience. One of our very talented contributors, Alex Teksomolika, has only started shooting 6 years ago yet his aesthetics and body of works are as polished and put together as a photographer with decades of experience.

A professional photographer must know how to break the ice when shooting people, how to make them comfortable and how to translate authenticity into their photographs. Alex has mastered all these skills and today he shares with us some of his best photographs and useful photography tips.

Tip 1: Concept in photography is a deciding factor

“Once you see it in your mind, it’s much easier to execute it.”

photography tips from a professional

Tip 2: Want to sell? Get in the mind of the consumer

“I try to imagine myself as the customer and I ask myself – What do I need? Do I need this exact image or not?”

authentic stock photography

Tip 3: Take an extra step to reach success

“To be a successful stock photographer, the most important thing is to learn from your own mistakes. Always do more than what is asked of you.”

authentic stock photography

Tip 4: Keep up with trends, or risk being generic

“I devote a lot of time to searching for trends on google. I also use the trends app in Appstore.”

interview with a stock photographer

Tip 5: Food for thought – self promotion in the digital age

“I’m a little sad to say that I don’t really use tools to promote my portfolio. It’s definitely something to think about though.”

authentic stock photography

Tip 6: Social media can help you get ahead of the game

“Social media has been of great help to me. I search for topics and trends and often find new people and concepts for my photo shoots.”

interview with a photographer

Tip 7: Your golden ticket to success is authenticity

“Images need to be authentic; they are the ones with soul, images that can literally breathe’.

authentic stock photography depositphotos

Tip 8: You achieve authenticity in photographs by being a friendly curator

“The most successful way to make sure your photographs are authentic is to really engage in the work process. This way, people tend to forget you’re shooting them and enjoy the process with you. It really should be like a game for everyone!”

interview with a stock photographer

Tip 9: Develop a voice, spread your message

“My message is that you should do something that make you feel good and makes you happy. If you work hard and do what feels right to you, you will get back much more than you initially expected.”

authentic stock photography

Tip 10: Learn from mistakes, and trust your inner voice

“I always love my picture the moment I press the shutter button. When I look at it again, I might change my mind and think that something isn’t perfect. This is only natural to us photographers. Believe that you can and you will take a better picture next time.”

interview with a stock photographer

Alex is constantly in the process of growing as a photographer and an artist. He is taking his work in a new direction, towards fashion. We’re excited to see his latest work and hope you take something valuable away from his insightful tips.

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