Holidays and events are always a great occasion to connect with your existing and potential customers and achieve marketing goals that are important for your brand’s growth. 

One of the upcoming occasions is International Women’s Day. The holiday is just in two weeks and you can already plan and launch a variety of marketing activities, from doing a thematic social media makeover to sending actual greeting cards to both loyal and new clients. 

To help you out with marketing activities for International Women’s Day 2020 and save your time, we come with quick ideas and a curated collection of ready-to-use greeting cards. 

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Quick marketing ideas for International Women’s Day

1. Social media makeover

You can start your International Women’s Day marketing activities with a spontaneous social media makeover.

You can go easy by changing a cover and a profile picture to a celebratory one or go all out and completely transform the appearance of your brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You can change your Stories templates to floral, choose a tender Facebook cover, and post a couple of empowering photos that fit your brand’s aesthetic and help you deliver a message to your audience. You will see that your efforts are appreciated by getting more responses and reactions to highlighting this important day.

 2. Thematic emails

Looking for a quick holiday marketing idea? Sending thematic emails to your clients might be exactly what your brand needs. 

You don’t have to build a strategy or plan an entire chain of emails to engage with your clients. You can simply write a catchy subject line and a paragraph of sincere words of appreciation and respect that you have towards your female audience. You can also include a promo code or any other perk for their next purchase. 

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If you’ve been working in marketing for a while, you probably know that good copy and the right visuals can do magic. Thus, don’t forget to complement your greeting email with a lovely postcard from our Women’s Day collection. Although most of the postcards are ready-to-go, there are also ones that you can customize to better communicate your brand’s tone of voice or visual style. 

3. Real postcards

If you want to stand out from hundreds of greeting on International Women’s Day, send a real postcard. Choose the one you like the most from our collection, put it in a decorated envelope, include a coupon, and send them over to your loyal clients or your new target audience that shows potential. 

Your customers will definitely appreciate this gesture and might even spread the word about your brand within their circle of friends or on social media. The only condition of successful direct marketing is an appealing appearance of a postcard plus a super soft sell.

Whether you choose to use one idea or all of them at once as part of your 2020 holiday marketing strategy, try to invest your time in the weight of the message itself. As for the images, we’ve got you covered. 


20 Women’s Day greeting cards you can download and use

women's day greeting card

 illustrations for International Women's Day.

Girl power movement illustration

International Women's Day illustration

Wooden cube calendar showing 8th of March date

International Womens Day banner

Portrait of a beautiful African girl

illustrations with abstract women

Colorful Floral Background

Happy Women's day text

Vector template with bouquet

flowers on pink background

spring mimosa flowers

Stunning young women

greeting card for women's day

Happy Women's Day Greetings: 20 Ready-to-use Postcards

Happy International Women's Day background

Happy Women's Day postcard

8 March illustration

Portrait of young woman

If you choose to connect with your audience via different channels at the same time, try to stick to one particular aesthetic that would communicate your brand’s values in the best way. Explore the full collection of ready-to-use Women’s Day greeting cards and make the most of the occasion. 

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