Notable brands have mastered social media in more ways than one. Today we look at how the big brands are performing on Instagram and see what lessons are hidden behind their innovative content curation.

National Geographic

Followers: 63.7m

Why it’s a great account: Our unexplored earth is full of mysteries. National Geographic selects images that are unusual, some are eye-opening and simply beautiful. The account is a collection of hand pick images that show us the beauty we’re surrounded by and all the images come with their stories.

Tip: When you’re traveling, use the opportunity to show unusual locations, their cultures and environments. A dash of the unexpected, bold and colorful will add interest to your feed. Celebrate nature in your photographs, even the smallest details matter.

Lonely Planet

Followers: 994k

Why it’s a great account: Similarly to National Geographic, Lonely Planet shares stories on top of their bold and colorful feed. Illuminating remote parts of the world, they select only the most visually stunning images that resonate with their followers.

Tip: Be on the lookout for colorful cityscapes, interesting patterns in nature and breathtaking sceneries. All these are ways to add some ‘wanderlust’ to your page.  

Go Pro

Followers: 10.7m

Photo of the Day! Great views and best friends make for a good day! #?: @kimvphoto #GoPro #GoProFR

Фото опубликовано gopro (@gopro)

Why it’s a great account: Go Pro is all about adventures and this spirit is reflected in their Instagram page. Another example of a product in action. The verbal part of the profile is dedicated to stories about the images taken by users, descriptions of places and inspiring quotes. What’s not to like?

Tip: If you have a GoPro, this page is an excellent place to gather ideas on what you should shoot next. If you don’t, take note of how unusual focal points add interest to each individual photograph.


Followers: 2.8m

Why it’s a great account: Google is great with celebrating a cause, showing their teamwork and featuring our furry companions. They also have a collection of letters ‘G’ which is just fun and interesting to scroll through. Their aesthetics are simple but that’s what makes the account so great.

Tip: Sometimes you might feel stuck on what to post on your feed but take a look at Google and how creative they get with something so simple as the letter G. There is always a way to get artistic and creative with your posts and Google is a perfect example of how that can be achieved.


Followers: 145k

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Фото опубликовано @sharpie

Why it’s a great account: Sharpie’s instagram feed is all about their fans. What better way to show your product in action than Sharpie-drawn pictures? You can scroll through and marvel at the complex works of others with something as simple as a marker.

Tip: What’s even more difficult to showcase is the many applications of a marker. You can add diversity to your feed by including your own drawings – all you need is a sharpie.


Followers: 141k


Why it’s a great account: Fanta is fun, a little funky and so refreshing in comparison to many big brands. They take a creative approach to posting their images as murals that take up the whole page (and those are always so fun!). It’s always a pleasure to see how creative the team gets with their visuals so they’re definitely a brand to watch out for.

Tip: Posting one striking shot is amazing but posting several in a row to create one Instagram mural is even better. This makes you considerate of important things like composition, color combination and curation.


Followers: 12.2m

Why it’s a great account: Starbucks is known for their calm, soothing visual content. Scrolling through their page, you always get a sense of the atmosphere they’re trying to create. They’re trendy, atmospheric and have a great aesthetic. The best part? The content is almost entirely made up of images from their large following.

Tip: It is worth mentioning that all of the pictures Starbucks posts are very soothing and atmospheric. What we eat and what we drink can become the center of attention in a photograph. Think of ways you can translate ‘atmospheric’ shots on your feed, with Starbucks as an example.


Followers: 383k

It takes a lot of ice to keep Sprite ice cold. It also takes a product stylist with ice cold experience. #WannaSprite

Фото опубликовано Sprite (@sprite)

Why it’s a great account: Sprite places a special emphasis on their brand color. Every photograph contains a hint of the dominant green that makes their products pop. It is worth mentioning that Sprite integrates video into their feed which is a clever move and a nice break to the advertisements.

Tip: Approach your Instagram account as a virtual collection; your images can come in a series with something that ties a group of images together. For sprite, it is the color combinations.You can look at the feed from a design perspective, have one dominant color in your feed and work from there.

Tic Tac

Follower: 243k

Why it’s a great account: The TicTac Instagram account is full of little surprises. With a touch of humor and an artsy approach, the account sheds new light on their product. The pictures are fun, creative, colorful and sometimes manage to put a smile on your face.

Tip: Something so simple as your doodles can become extremely popular. Use humor in some of your shots, use some props and most importantly – have fun with it.


Followers: 69.4k

Lets play “guess who” 🙂 Artist: #madewithwacom #cintiq #digitalart

Фото опубликовано Wacom (@wacom)

Why it’s a great account: Wacom has devoted their feed to digital arts created by their users. It’s a great way to engage with the community and give back. What better way to advertise your product than to show it in action? The illustrations that were created with Wacom products are mesmerising and you can’t help but stare in awe at the talent presented in their feed.

Tip: An inner artist lives in all of us. Show the world what you can do even if you don’t consider yourself artistic. There’s always an opportunity to try something new and share your creations with the world.

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