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Group of people Graduating from College © Depositphotos

Group of people Graduating from College © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

At the moment, Wavebreak Media is one of the leading distributors of visual content not only in its Irish homeland, but all over the world. Its main principle: never compromise the quality of photos and video.

Focusing on high standards, Wavebreak Media spends much more money on photo shoots, location search and casting models than other distributors. Wavebreak Media has broad capabilities, in all aspects of the business: photo- and video-capture, post-production, animation, sales, marketing and IT technologies.

Wavebreak’s CEO, Sean Prior, spent many years working in business development, and that experience led him to develop Wavebreak Media. Today, it’s a successful business, and largely the result of Sean’s hard work. He used to do everything by himself: from shooting to downloading files to working with agencies. Even mundane tasks like keyword selection rested on his shoulders. He allowed himself one day off every year – on Christmas eve.

Sean’s example is evidence that if you have a passion, it won’t simply pass: and the direct proof of that is the success of Wavebreak Media. Want a clearer idea of what they’re all about? Find their images on the Depositphotos website by searching for the author “wavebreakmedia”.

Smiling woman enjoying a massage © Depositphotos

Smiling woman enjoying a massage © Depositphotos | Sean Prior 

Mature businessman giving a presentation © Depositphotos

Mature businessman giving a presentation © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

Close-up of brother and sister playing with cube toys © Depositphotos

Close-up of brother and sister playing with cube toys © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

Afro-american female doctor giving a child an injection © Depositphotos

Afro-american female doctor giving a child an injection © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

Breakfast © Depositphotos

Breakfast © Depositphotos | Sean Prior

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