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A Bit of Magic Realism: Interview With John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm is one photographer that has chosen an unconventional path. With a background in IT, John creates whimsical worlds for his children that result in beautiful works of magic-realism-like photographs. Using photographs of his kids, John digitally transforms the images to take place in surreal, funny and even some bizarre environments.

Behind the Scenes with Stefan Dahl

One of our top contributors, Stefan Dahl, has ventured into stock photography with an impressive 12 year experience in the field. Like many photographers, Stefan started with a camera and a passion. He was photographing family members, dogs, plants and weddings. With a short break devoted to his family, he eventually started his own stock photography business with his wife Janni.

From Amateur to CEO: Interview with Kirill Kedrinski

This is a story of a man that has tried himself in everything before he found photography. Kirill Kedrinski, one of our top contributors, has worked as a contractor, a cashier, a sales agent, a PR manager, sales director - you name it. Web design led Kirill to discover photography and soon, with a standard DSLR camera, Kirill was off shooting weddings, ads and (big surprise) stock photography.