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Featured collection: Food photography

Food photography requires skills and an eye for beauty in simplicity. There’s a certain level of fun and a thrill when you take that perfect shot of the delicious meal before you. Photographers know this feeling way too well. We’re here to share with you some awe inspiring masterpieces of a savory, mouth watering array of dishes.

Editorial Collection: Christmas Around the World

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. This special day has transformed into what we know today from hundreds of years of passed on traditions. Each country celebrates it in their own way but it is certainly a day that unites these many cultures and entails a light, cheery atmosphere we all enjoy.

Featured Collection: Christmas

The search for the perfect holiday visuals begins. From website visuals, to banners and promotional materials - the images have to be on point. We’ve made it easy for you with our hand-picked Christmas collection.

Featured Collection: Travel Photography

For every photographer, traveling is an opportunity to show their creative side and deliver photographs from unconventional angles and a unique perspective. The notion of travels are evolving and images of travels certainly doesn’t stay in place.

Featured Collection: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day of the year that brings together families and friends. It entails a festive mood, gatherings with loved ones and great food. It’s a time to give thanks and rejoice for the upcoming holidays.

Of course, your themed campaigns won’t be complete without Thanksgiving visuals. Our featured collection is all about the best bits of the holiday - delicious food, autumn decor and other thematic images that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Featured Collection: Color Spectrum

Did you know that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%? According to Xerox, that’s exactly why you need to pay attention to the types of visuals you use.

If we consider the fact that people spend less than a minute deciding whether they should read your content or not, it puts a lot of pressure on you to choose the images that will compliment your blog or website.

Featured Collection: Internet of Things

From routine usage of smartphones to the exciting prospects of smart cars and homes - the topic of internet of things dominates many aspects of our lives. We can go shopping, take care of our health and connect with one another through the smallest of devices.  How will the internet of things change our everyday life?

Featured Collection: Halloween

October is finally here, which means Halloween is just around the corner. One of the wonders of October is that the scenery around us begins to change and those October colors really set the mood for all the upcoming holidays. As Halloween is the closest one, we have gathered all the photographs that may be useful to you in your Halloween and fall campaigns.

Featured Collection: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the buzzword of this decade. Simply put, it is the process of starting a new business from scratch but what does this entail and how should it be captured in stock photography? Nowadays, entrepreneurship is also a lifestyle and covers almost every aspect of the working spectrum. We put together a collection of images to capture the spirit of entrepreneurship.