There are many achievements that distinguish an artists. Michal Baran has an impressive record of winning entries to a number of online photography contests. Today’s article is about Michal and his work, specifically a creative series of black and white portraits. This is the story of Michal Baran and his collection of exceptional and award winning photographs.


Michał Baran was born and raised in Poland. He graduated with a degree in computer science, and later worked as a web-master, graphic designer and developer. However, his greatest passion has always been photography.


His developed eye and ability to capture moments made him share and nourish his perspectives and personal feelings through photography, to capture the beauty of nature, the uniqueness of events, and the nobility of human faces with insight and perception.


In 2005 he moved to Ireland where he eventually became a professional photographer, constantly working with different kinds of people who have different expectations. It brought him great joy to make the impossible become a reality.


Through the skillful use of his precise lighting techniques, he brings out the spirit of objects, places, scenes and people, enhancing the intrinsic beauty of their nature. Additionally, Michał’s professional photo editing skills allow him to do complex post-processing opening the door to digital arts.


In 2014 he started collaborating with Bozena Sarek on a series of hair beauty photographs. This was an opportunity to open new fields of exploration with light and shadow. Chasing perfection, he has been able to capture a sense of wonder in their series of black and white beauty shots. Photos created by them have helped Bozena win many competitions and receive awards in editions of ‘Style Masters International Contest’ by Revlon, ‘BeFabulous Hair Awards’ and ‘Best Of The Best Awards’ just to name a few.


Michał’s breakthrough became evident in 2018 in submitting his work to other photo competitions, this time for photographers. He won the prestigious ‘Hasselblad Masters’ 2018 Competition in the Beauty/Fashion category, then the title of Fashion/Beauty Photographer of the Year in ‘Monochrome Awards’ and lastly but not least, the 1st place in ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition, also in the Beauty/Fashion category.


Michal has been keen on marketing his work through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram or check out his website to learn more about him and his photography. If you like Michal’s work, like and share with your friends. Your feedback is also much appreciated.

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