We’re a little more than a month away from Social Media Week Kyiv 2021, so it’s time to lift the veil. This year, Depositphotos and Crello collaborated with US digital artist Huntrezz Janos (Cultural Policy), in order to create a visual manifesto for the event. It touches on topics such as the identity of netizens and digital creative freedom. Read on for more details.

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Decoding the SMW Kyiv visual manifesto 

Animated digital illustrations for Social Media Week Kyiv 2021 were created by Huntrezz Janos (e-curatorial agency Cultural Policy and Alice Scope as an art curator), a US-based artist with extensive experience in brand collaborations.

The key element of her artwork is an avatar. A creative alien that has the power to overcome any obstacle it faces.

Most of us live in two realities, one physical and one digital, where our avatars represent us. Any boundaries that exist in the physical world can be effortlessly overcome in the digital one. Social networks have become a place where everyone creates and broadcasts a particular digital image, our desired projection.

The artwork expresses the idea that creative thinking helps us adapt to new realities and reimagine our world.

“With each iteration, the avatar evolved and transformed, acquiring desired features. It personifies freedom and going beyond the digital world. My idea is that a person or community outside the digital world is not static: it is constantly growing, breaking boundaries, thereby defining a new dimension”, Huntrezz Janos said.

Social Media Week Kyiv Introduces Its 2021 Visual Manifesto


Where you can spot the creative alien

The avatar will appear in an AR filter online, and on augmented reality clothing designed with FFFACE.ME and FINCH.

Music for the visual manifesto was created using artificial intelligence. It was developed by Mubert using the Depositphotos audio library. The editors chose a genre dataset that fit the concept of the manifesto. Several versions of the track were generated. One of them formed the basis of the composition, which was then mixed with other sounds from the Depositphotos library.

Today, you can enjoy the animation on Social Media Week Kyiv 2021, and the event itself, which will be held on November 11—12 (both online and offline).


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Social Media Week Kyiv 2021 digital illustration

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