It’s no secret that every once in a while things just pop into our head for no apparent reason. Sometimes people in art departments wait precisely for that – for a word, for a sign, for some kind of jolt of energy to push them in the right direction. After all, any creative knows what “The Block” means, and that the block may be unblocked anytime by something absolutely unexpected and highly unusual.

And this is what we wanted to try to explore further and, perhaps, even help you with. Imagine, you’re sitting in front of your monitor, your editor is breathing down your neck, the deadline is approaching… You’ve got nothing. Stuck. And then you think of a word, any word, and all of a sudden it somehow grows into an idea and springs everything into life.

Today let that word be “MIRACLE”.

We typed it into our search bar and came up with five very interesting portfolios that we thought might help you to kick start your project. A small thing, but may be just what you needed, right?


Bogdan Zagan from Romania: awesome graphs and vector art which will help you with most complex project for any business paper


Olena Bilion from Ukraine: anything kids related, pregnancy, family, light summer colors and plenty of positive attitude for any women’s paper

Woman witch in miracle Enchanted forest

Witchy women from Russian photographer Katalinks will make a great addition to any blog or paper on the occult or supernatural

Flag painted on face with green eye to show Albania support

Ronald Bouman from Ireland delves into vexillology with poise and audacity Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang theory” would envy. Want to have some “fun with flags”? You’ve got it!

Magic tree at night

Children’s writers, pay close attention to Natalia Vorontsova from Russia! Her portfolio is everything you need to beautifully illustrate pretty much any story:

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