interview with a stock photography bold and bright

Evgeniya Porechenskaya knows how to make a statement. Her vision can’t be compared to those that came before her or those that will come after. She’s bold, daring, provocative and a little bit of a rebel!

We had a little chat with one our top contributors to reveal some of the backstories to her work and her incredible talent. Evgeniya isn’t just a photographer, she’s a million other things and most importantly, she’s an artist in every definition of the word.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I can trace my fascination with photography back to my childhood. I loved taking pictures, posing in front of the camera. I literally couldn’t sit in one place, there were always new ideas – I was sewing, cutting, fixing things up. 

Currently, my status is ‘lifelong traveler’. My surroundings are always changing, as fast as the cities, countries and oceans. It’s an interesting time and experience for me.

interview with a stock photographer

Do you work on a freelance basis or do you have a day job? 

Microstocks are my main business right now. I’m also a model, a designer, a photographer and an ideas generator. Sometimes my friends offer me interesting freelance projects. If I’m interested, I’m always eager to go through with them.

How did you stumble on success in stock photography? Were there any pivotal points in your career?

At the beginning of my journey, I had that fear of starting something new. But when I started to experiment and realize my ideas, I understood that it was necessary. It wasn’t scary but rather necessary. After receiving positive feedback, I couldn’t stop.

interview with a stock photographer

What is your philosophy in regards to stock photography and your work?

My philosophy is to transcend myself with every new photosession, to make new projects great and feel that way about it in the end. The main rule is that there are no rules. The world is much more free and it’s easy to break stereotypes so don’t be afraid to make the most of your time. I love art, and my job and my mission is to create commercial art.

Do you have a message you’re trying to communicate through your work?

I have a few popular directions with my stock photography. My work is obviously commercial and I’m not shy of the fact that my message is something along the lines of, “Use this service or this product in this place” or “Look at me, I’m bold and bright.” The person that purchases my work can be sure that I’ll be the seller behind their product or service. In reality, there are many messages and I’d like to leave that up you to decide for yourself.

interview with a stock photographer

You have a very distinct style of photography, what or who are some of your influences?

I started my independent life very early on. I’ve changed a lot of professions. I also closely watched the lives of eccentric people; I was interested in fashion, style and the experimentation with both. Then there was a pivotal point in my life when I decided to start from 0, to leave the country I was born in and set out to travel. The constant, never ending travels are my main inspiration. I always go on walks and just take my surroundings in as inspiration. I look for bright subjects on the streets of different cities. My life is my inspiration.

How do you usually plan your photoshoots? 

The first step can be anything, I’m a spontaneous and impulsive human being. An idea can come to me at any moment, in any place. If you write poetry, you’ll understand me. To me, it is like poetry – after an idea is born, you start experimenting with an image, lighting and emotions. I don’t have a permanent studio, so for me, every project is a new challenge. Post production and color correction is an important aspect in my work. Sometimes I can spend a very long time adjusting the colors and it’s both my weakness and my greatest strength.

interview with a stock photographer

What are your personal favourite themes to work with and why?

I like coming up with looks for my photosession: unusual, bright, edgy with a bit of masquerades. I don’t like clowns but I like a little carnival.

What is your main message as an artist and a photographer?

Movement, color, positive rebellion.

Do you pursue any other art forms?

If this can be considered an art, then yes because I like to redesign my clothes, cut something off, sew something back on. I combine lots of looks. Sometimes I ponder on this and consider switching to fashion design.

What’s been the biggest mistake you’ve had to learn from during your career?

I started working based on industry trends. I always looked at what’s at the top and thought that selling similar images would make me successful. This was a bit mistake. I still get inspired by works of successful contributors, but now all my works are my own opinion and my own presentation.

Your #1 photography tip or words of wisdom:

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to be unique.

interview with a stock photographer bold and bright

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