Although urban exploration is more about accessing restricted locations, today’s collection is about exploring new cities with a fresh perspective. In our urban exploration collection, you will see cities from the perspective of photographers around the world that capture details in these places that often go by unnoticed.

Generally, urban exploration is about rooftops, sewers, construction sites and the like. Today we’re exploring cities with this sense of an adventure with images that could be perfect for projects about street style photography and simply projects that could use this notion of exploration.

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Overcrowded residential building in Hong Kong

One of the most striking features in every city are the populated neighborhoods that inspire the rise of residential buildings. Hong Kong architecture is unique in this way, with many artists trying to capture the intimidating architecture on the outskirts of the city.


Tokyo, Japan, Nov 17, 2016: Shibuya City street crossing

Tokyo is purely fascinating on the grand scale of population and rhythm of life. Capturing movement in the context of a city helps translate the vibe of the place.


Neon bar sign on building

Urban exploration, in our sense of the word, is also in the details. This striking image of a bar sign on a sky rise building makes for a striking image.


Traveler on city street

Sometimes you can spot the little ‘urban explorers’ like in this image. They mostly look clueless in the midst of commotion. Jokes aside, we all look like this when in a new city.


New York, USA – April 25, 2015: Pedestrians on Times Square on 7th Avenue and Broadway

It’s refreshing when you capture people in context to their surroundings. Here’s times square at the magical golden hour with pedestrians exploring the city on foot.


View of modern buildings, narrow streets and walking tourists

Urban exploration sometimes results in soothing images like this one. The perfect lighting conditions, and deserted streets with a few pedestrians.


Woman with tattoos standing with skateboard on a street

Some come fully equipped for urban exploration like our next image:


Havana, Cuba – January 22, 2017: local teenagers with skateboards 

Magic happens when you catch accidental casual scenes like this one in Havana of people resting, likely tired of the city life we’re exploring.


Alexanderplatz square in Berlin, Germany

Urban exploration helps us learn more about what we like and don’t like. Sometimes we can fall in love with a city to the point of saying “This is where I belong”:


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