Every year, we offer a selection of hand-picked trendy images that will help you enrich your projects and designs in the new year. Check out last year’s selection of trendy images or go on a journey with us today to some of the popular visual content that you can save to favorites and purchase today to have a pool of ready-to-be-used images nearby.

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This year’s trendy images were not just chosen based on the 2019 visual trends, but also based on the kind of content that performs well. This selection of trendy images covers miscellaneous topics, and most importantly narrows in on storytelling elements that make the images truly worth a thousand words.  

We understand that sometimes it’s a matter of inspiration, regardless of what you’re working on. It’s equally important to have images that tell stories than stories that need to be illustrated with the right visuals. With this spirit, here are some top photos in our trendy images for 2019 collection.

Sunset view on a high winter mountains peak with a surreal sky

Bold colors and risky creative choices can transform plain photographs. This new take on even the simplest of shots with the use of filters and slight alterations add immediate interest to some of the most plain photographs.

trendy images - mountain peak with surreal sky

Glitch effect on a beach themed photograph

We talked a lot about different filters and effects on photographs in our 2018 trends report but we’re still seeing a spike in this kind of imagery. Once again, it is working with plain photographs to add something unexpected. This repurposing, or ‘glitch’ effect applied to a photograph makes it stand out in the feed.

trendy photographs - glitch effect on a beach themed photograph

Abstract bokeh of a cityscape

A little abstraction is always a good idea when you don’t want to distract from the main message. These visuals work well in any sized format and serve as a more interesting background if you need to fill the space.

trendy effecets - bokeh on cityscape

Double exposure growing strong

Empty space and double exposure go hand in hand as with this luring image. Experimentation with double exposure adds an artist touch to busy images and gives the right amount of space to ponder on two seperate visuals.

trendy photographs - double exposure effect

Close up of smoke

Details matter. Sometimes it’s about narrowing in on the beauty of the subjects and including unexpected elements to illustrate concepts.

trendy photography - smoke coming out from the mouth

Fashion and flash photography

Flash photography and fashion is another popular duo. This kind of flash photography has a time and place for it, but generally creates a bold statement all the while focusing on all the details present in the framing.

trendy photography - full flash fashion photography

Skatepark filmed with aerial view and shadows

A play on shadows and an aerial view creates optical illusions and these types of photographs are more often spotted online. Thrown in the popularity of drones, and a little before the golden hour and you get a one of a kind, conceptual shadow art composition.

trendy photography - skatepark from above aerial view shadows

Minimalist contrast shot of palms

As with the first example, a color overlay on parts of the photograph creates emphasis and adds an element of the unexpected in contrast to the original parts of the image.

trendy images - high contrast shot of palm trees and sky

Pop art inspired photography

A similar technique can be seen here, but with more parts of the image with color overlays for visual interest. Solid colors most certainly scream for attention, and it’s unlikely that anyone will miss this one if the objective is to stand out.

trendy photography - pop art inspired photos

3D rendering of geometric shapes

A popular trend this year is experiments with 3D and stock photography is no exception. This 3D rendering photograph can be used as a whole or cropped in interesting ways to create more artworks.

trendy artwork - 3d design geometric shapes

See the whole collection of trendy images and find the shots that will work for you or your projects. Remember that it’s equally important to have visuals that tell whole stories and not just have stories that are supported by visuals.

See the collection

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