Holidays like Thanksgiving are full of memorable and sincere moments. The joyful anticipation of coming home, preparation for the holiday, and precious time spent with family and friends are the things people appreciate the most about Thanksgiving Day.

People are looking forward to experiencing the holiday fuss, and marketers should definitely take it into consideration. All promotions, social media and blog posts, as well as emails, should appeal to audiences with thematic and particular visuals. For instance, to remind your audience how much fun is it to have family around, you can use images of a festive dinner. You can appeal to those who love cooking through photographs of turkey and vegetables on the kitchen table. If you’d simply like to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving, choose a hand-drawn illustration or vector.

In our thematic photo collection, you can find all these and dozens of other Thanksgiving-related images. Use them to quickly connect with your audience in creative ways.

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What people appreciate the most about Thanksgiving

Joyful preparation

Young happy coupl

table arrangements

Thankful gratitude

Delicious food

Cutting Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving pumpkin dish

table with plates

Quality time and lots of fun

Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving illustration

Little boy is laughing

Bright colors of the autumn

Thanksgiving concept

autumn harvest

Thanksgiving postcard

If your holiday marketing campaigns are at the initial stage yet, check out our guide on how to get ready for them and use visuals from our Thanksgiving photo collection to appeal to your audience with responsive content.

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