It is no secret that our oceans are in rapid decline. That being said, it’s not too late to stop it or at least try to save the ocean. This week’s collection is about all the ways we have harmed and continue harming our immediate environment and the creates that inhabit the sacred ecosystems.

Not only are humans directly impacting marine resources, we also greatly contribute to the water pollution and general destruction of marine life due to trash. The topic has been relevant for years, and perhaps more so in 2018. If you’re working with projects that touch upon this topic, this collection will help you with the right visuals to support your claims and bring awareness to the masses.

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Signs that warn about garbage by the water

Many places by the water have warning signs like this one to respect and protect the environment, to be conscious about our decisions. Sadly many disregard this and we’re left with the following images.


Trash on beaches around the world

This image represents the worst case scenario. Trash that is dumped into seas and oceans washes up on the shore not only harming marine life, but also making beaches uninhabitable for people.


Washed away plastic bag in the sea

Washed away trash eventually returns into the ocean and poses an immediate threat to the life in it. This goes on all over the world with plastic waste being banned in many countries for this reason.


Underwater turtle floating among plastic bags

Here is an image of a turtle floating around with trash, surrounded by plastic that may get caught in the fins.


Plastic water bottle on the shore

Every time you purchase a bottle, dispose of it responsibly. The plastic problem is literally choking the oceans.  


Plastic pollution at the beach

The result of most of the population being careless is something like this.


Volunteers cleaning up polluted beaches

As grim as the situation is, volunteers around the world are helping clean up our coasts and it starts with a caring attitude to make our oceans free of plastic and other waste.


The heartbreaking consequences of polluted oceans are not depicted in this selection of images, but our collection shows a different side of the story.

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