In the tiny and remote nation of Iceland, breathtaking landscapes are at every corner. Iceland just happens to be one of the most popular destination for photographers and travellers in general. Our collection of Iceland photography shows Iceland as you’ve never seen before in a series of very soothing nature sceneries.

Iceland is home to Europe’s largest glaciers, fjords and incredible waterfalls. This untouched part of Iceland offers something to each visitor. You can experience hot springs in the winter, enjoy endless fields and lava landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The beauty of Icelandic landscapes is truly boundless as seen in this collection of Iceland photography.

Stock photographs taken in Iceland are physical proof that the place is a miracle of nature and a traveller and photographer’s paradise. There is no better location to showcase the mightiness of nature. These 10 images are just a preview of our collection of stock photographs from Iceland. Enjoy our collection and find moody and breathtaking visuals for your upcoming projects.

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Iceland landscape hotspots for photography

Here are some destinations explored in our photography of Icelandic landscapes. Photographers from all over the world flock to this remote region and our collection of Iceland photography will illustrate exactly why that is.










10 Iceland photography projects

Incredible view of the Black beach, Reynisdrangar, Vik, Iceland


Traditional icelandic houses with grass roofs on a green field, Iceland


Empty road in front of a mountain range during foggy weather


Wanderlust explorer discovering Icelandic natural wonders


Explorer on an Icelandic tour, traveling across Iceland discovering natural destinations


Aerial view of dramatic Haifoss waterfall in Iceland


Aerial view of road 1 in Iceland with bridge over the sea in Snaefellsnes peninsula


Photographer taking photo of famous grass hills near Stokksnes mountains, Iceland


Picturesque Iceland landscapes


Beautiful Northern Lights photographed in Iceland in February


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We end on the beautiful note of the wonders of the Northern lights. Iceland truly is a treasure for every traveller, and certainly a place of inspiration for photographers. Find images for your projects in our wonderful collection of Iceland photography from the perspective of our talented artists at Depositphotos.

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