This year, the United States of America celebrates 243 years of independence. People are looking forward to having some extra days off and throwing a barbecue party in the backyard. Around the world, marketers are impatiently waiting  for the occasion to create something engaging and appealing to the masses in light of the celebration.

Today, we decided to tackle interesting facts about the 4th of July to keep you guys in the know. You’ll find out the impressive numbers annually spent on fireworks and how many people actually plan to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. Not many stumble on these random facts, but they’re fun and can also be used for thematic 4th of July projects this year. 

We’ve also put the “Celebrating Independence Day” photo collection, where you can find festive and patriotic visuals for personal projects and for work.  

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Interesting facts about America’s Independence Day


Initially, the 13 stars on the American flag were in a circle symbolizing the equality of each of the original colonies. 

Photo collection Celebrating Independence Day


Each year, on Independence Day, Americans light hundreds of thousands of fireworks. The old tradition, appreciated by many, has also been a great driver for the US economy. 

If sales remain strong through July 4, and the weather cooperates, consumer fireworks revenues could exceed $675 million for the 2014 fireworks season,” says Julie L. Heckman, Executive Director of the APA.

Photo collection Celebrating Independence Day

Declaration of Independence

John Hancock and Charles Thompson were the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4 in 1776. 

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Benjamin Franklin proposed turkey as the American national bird but John Adams and Thomas Jefferson did not like the idea and suggested the bald eagle.

Photo collection: Celebrating Independence Day

More interesting statistics

According to NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, Americans have big plans for Independence Day 2019:

  • 86% plan to celebrate Independence Day this year
  • $73.33 per person is planned to be spent on food items for Independence Day 
  • 26% of those celebrating plan to purchase additional patriotic items

Photo collection: Celebrating Independence Day

With Independence Day’s history going  back to more than 200 years, a marketer, a designer or a social media manager should definitely make the most of this special day for millions of Americans  and launch an interesting project for the 4th of July. 

If you’ve been too busy working on other important things, you can simply choose a couple of images from our thematic photo collection and congratulate your audience of followers when the day comes. 

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