Hospitals, factories, strange buildings with no purpose. Pictures of abandoned buildings evoke a very particular mood. Who walked these halls? Who built these structures? When did it all go wrong? There is a sense of excitement to visit some place as illustrated in our photo collection of abandoned buildings.

Today we explore structures around the world that have been left up to the force of nature to destroy. They have become a part of our Depositphotos collection, and each abandoned building comes with a story. Time for urban exploration within the walls of Depositphotos. Lets see if we can pinpoint locations and help you in your image search for abandoned buildings (if your projects may one day call for them).

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Preview of amazing abandoned buildings in our collection

Old grunge abandoned building with broken windows

The first sign of a building that’s no longer inhabitable is the delicate, broken and aged windows like in this shot. There is something luring about a location like this, isn’t there?


January, 2018 –  Kolmanskop Deserted Diamond Mine in Southern Namibia

Some of our contributors mark the dates and locations where their pictures were taken. This atmospheric shot taken under the hot sun and weathered by sandstorms is a different view of abandoned buildings in more deserted locations.


Southern Namibia – bathtub in the middle of an abandoned building

Likely the same building, but a different view point. Sometimes objects can serve as wonderful props when shot in context to their surroundings.


Inside of an old abandoned factory

And who is to say abandoned buildings can’t be aesthetic? This abandoned factory looks like a setup for a modern day open space.


Old abandoned industrial building to explore

On a  more artistic note, this image of a black and white abandoned building from the inside is about the power of light, and how it alters the atmosphere of enclosed spaces.


Lonely house in the Namib Desert taken in January 2018

Another fascinating thing about abandoned buildings is their contrast to the peaceful surroundings like in this image. The clear blue skies and the silent dessert beautifully contrast the rusty feeling of the buildings no longer in use.


Interiors of an abandoned barn

Symmetry and bare carcasses of buildings evoke a sense of solitude, loneliness and sometimes simply present an aesthetic one can appreciate from afar.


Another abandoned industrial building

Chipped paint, clear decay, broken windows and other characteristics of abandoned buildings can create quite a hostile environment.


You can find more pictures of abandoned buildings in this week’s collection. Enjoy and find your winning visuals for projects today.

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