Stress management is becoming more necessary than ever. Based on a survey conducted by Foresight in 2021, 46% of respondents said that they want to feel calmer. And if you work in marketing, it’s extremely important to take this into consideration. In short, help your community decrease their stress levels and improve their emotional well-being. Incorporating pet photography into your content is an accessible way to do so. Our collection is always here for you.


It’s clear that every brand has a particular identity, aesthetic, marketing strategy, and tone of voice, so sharing pet content might not be for you. However, consider it if you’d like to cheer up your followers on social media or create a light-hearted email campaign. This is exactly what people need as they go through cold winter days. Our professional content curators have selected a pet photo collection that will make everyone’s hearts melt.

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Pet photography as a therapeutic tool: what do people want to see to feel better?

Dogs playing in the snow

cute dog having fun

Cats being cute with each other

cats cuddling

Funny pet photos

dog playing outside

Dog owners in love

dog owners in love

Adorable kittens

cute kitten

Pet photography with cute details

fluffy dog

Small children and dogs

child and dog

Cozy pet photography

cute kitten

Pets hanging out together

cute dogs

Kitten cuteness overload

cute ginger kitten

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As the situation around the world remains unstable and stressful, it’s important to take care of your brand community. Mood management is going to become a marketing trend and a communication staple. It might be challenging to incorporate these requirements in your activities. However, most people love animals, so relying on this pet photo collection can be a great start. Let’s put more smiles on people’s faces together!

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