interview with an illustrator

Anastasia Lembrik has a unique talent; she creates beautiful, captivating illustrations using watercolors and technology. The result is mesmerising patterns, beautiful depictions of dreamy creatures and a spotlight for still life.

Every illustrator has their own style. Looking at Anastasia’s works, you will notice a distinct aesthetic and a personal style that differentiates her works. We had a little chat with Anastasia about her works, inspiration and her approach to illustrations.

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself, your journey as an artist and how you ended up making illustrations?

I can’t say that my journey as an artist is very interesting. I’m only 23 years old. I started drawing when I was 3 years old, then I went to art school. After I finished it, I had a good underestanding of the basics of academic drawing and started my own creative journey. For 2 years now, I’ve been creating watercolor illustrations for people. That’s about it.

What inspires you to create your works?

Nature. Flowers. Animals. Other artists.

interview with an illustrator anastasia lembrik

What does an average day in your life look like?

It’s not interesting. I absolutely determined that my average day is similar to every freelance illustrator.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

Actually I can’t live without oxygen, water and food. Of course, I am no robot and I need things such as love, good relationships within the family, healthy parents, and inspiration. These things make me happy.

What message do you try to convey with your works?

In my artworks I try to show people the beauty of nature.

interview-with-an-illustrator-anastasia lembrik

What are some useful tools to get started in illustration?

Firstly. you should find yourself and understand that your soul is an artist’s soul. This is very important! You shouldn’t waste time making bad illustrations while deep in your soul, you are great plumber. After that you go to the artist’s shop, buy good paper, good paintbrush and start. It’s easy!

Could you take me from start to finish of one of your favourite works? What is the whole process like and how long does it take you?

Usually it takes me 1 day. I make a watercolor illustration on paper, then scan it, after that I isolate the illustration in Photoshop. Then I usually make a vector copy of thу artwork, by using Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately some stocks decided not to accept auto traced watercolor  illustration. And it’s very strange because people prefer auto traced vector watercolor illustration to simple raster watercolor illustration.

interview with an illustrator stock vectors

Was there a decisive moment when you knew you were meant to be an artist?

Actually I don’t know, I never thought about it before. I don’t like to dig up the past. My life is today and my mind should be in present.

Your illustrations have a recurring theme and style. The artist in you is very evident! Do you pursue any other art forms?

First of all I like to decorate my home. Usually I do decorations by myself. Also, I’m determined that cooking is a part of art too. You can give one meal recipe to 3 different people, and as result you will get 3 different meals, because cooking is an art and everybody is unique.


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