WOW! When thinking about how to best describe the Microstock Expo in Berlin this year, the first word that comes to mind is always: Wow!

I don´t think I have ever heard so many people thanking event organizers so many times and in such a euphoric fashion about what a magnificent job they have done. But trust me, it is well earned, and we can not thank Amos and Lee enough for the wonderful weekend. It was a perfect mix of meeting many people from the business; learning new ideas about microstock from professionals with many points of view, taking part in discussions on topics that matter; seeing professional photographers and photo-reviewers at work and, last but not least, having a lot of fun with a big bunch of really great people!

Depositphotos at Microstock Expo


For us, as a still-young agency, it was the first chance to present ourselves personally to the people we already work with, as well as other people we want to work with. And I am sure people were happy to “put a face” to one of the fastest growing microstock agencies in the world.

To point out highlights is not an easy task, as there were so many. So I´ll start with what has to be done better! The pitch-fest was a great idea, but I think it’s fair to say that the idea still has a lot of potential left. Even though we supplied everyone with lots and lots of free energy drinks, some presentations lacked a bit of… let´s say, fire. Not, however, the pitch of Jazz Mandair from Jaincotech. His video showed his face ’shopped onto the head of artist Prince in his hit video “Kiss,” along with some lyrics edited to suit the microstock industry. You rock, Jazz!

Equally entertaining and educational was the Uber Portfolio Review. Photographers sent in their work anonymously, and stock agency reviewers and big-name photographers discussed what could have been done better in terms of location, models, lighting or just commercial value. Frank Erler of Photocase presented a refreshing counterpart to the others, with his alternative views not based on “sellability.”

The selection of topics for discussions and workshops was broad and engaging. Every area of the business was covered by people well-versed in their trades, who graced us with their insight and enthusiasm.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend to meet, learn and discuss the future of microstock photography.

We put our photos from MEXPO 2011 on Depositphotos official Facebook page. Enjoy them!

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