Anna Georgievna works in a minimalist style, mostly shooting food and still life. In experimenting with layouts, lighting, and composition, Anna is putting together an impressive and versatile portfolio. Today she shares insights about her work, thoughts on microstocks and gives valuable advice to fellow photographers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background.

I’m a 20-year old food and family photographer and as long as I remember, I’ve always been in love with art and photography. Since childhood, I wanted to create something special, something that could give emotions to other people, something that would remind them about happy moments. Through different hobbies, I found photography at last. And now I’m very keen on it.

When I graduated from school, I started traveling a lot and was sometimes shooting friends, nature and fascinating things. I tried to make my photos more realistic and improve my skills as much as I could. Definitely, that was hard but nevertheless so cool.

Anna Georgievna stock photography pie with berries

How did you stumble on stock photography?

Once we were talking with my friend and he said to me, “Why don’t you sell your great shoots on stocks?” And I was actually surprised that I could do that. From that time I’ve been a hardworking stock photographer.

Anna Georgievna stock photography macaroons

What are some themes that you really like working with?

I’m fond of shooting food. It’s more than just something I love. I shot for restaurants, cafes, and my friends’ bakeries.

To make food look tasty on your photos you should love food and eating. It’s understandable that your result depends on what you do and how much you love your work.

I like simply capturing photos of food in different ways when something you used to see from one side can be seen in another way.

To be honest, I never attended any professional photography school and I just do what I like. I improve my skills and put in a lot of hours.

Anna Georgievna stock photography healthy food

How do you go about arranging compositions for your photoshoot?

Wasting time isn’t good for food photos, like searching for something while working. I used to plan my photo sessions. You must know what you need in the end and which goals to achieve, you actually start from finding the final result. If inspiration comes to me at night, I will shoot even then. Yeah, that’s a good way to focus on your work and try new ideas. I want more projects and shoots that will inspire me to do more and more, forcing me to leave my comfort zone to gain new experience.

There is a simplicity about your work, how would you describe your aesthetics?

My mood is my aesthetics completely. I show it through the camera lenses in the form of colors and plot. I rely on inner motivation to make something really magnificent.

From your experience, what kinds of photographs sell best?

When I capture something, I cаn’t imagine what photo will sell well. I can only predict some and it is just my opinion. But to be honest, when I saw that photos with drinks and cups of tea/coffee sold better, I started to shoot more of these types of images.

Anna Georgievna stock photography coffee beans

What have you learned so far from working with microstocks?

Initially, I needed some time to understand the specifics of working with stocks, but I realized that micro stocks are an opportunity to be a freelancer and work where ever you want. You can find something to shoot anywhere and everything is a result of your wish.

Anna Georgievna stock photography aperol spritz

Do you have a favourite photograph from your portfolio? If so, what’s the story behind it?

To be honest, when you have a flow of inspiration, you can create really great stuff. You know what’s also really interesting? While you are inspired by your work, people around you want to help out. That’s how my family and I took this photo below. I started capturing a cup of coffee, and my family members step by step brought me the additional elements. That was a funny dream-team kind of work.

This is the photograph that has a story:

Anna Georgievna stock photography coffee flat lay

Where do you plan to take your business next?

Hopefully, in the future, I will travel more, combine relaxing with my favorite work and meet more people with whom I have something in common. Inspiration is all around you, just pay attention.

Your #1 tip or words of wisdom:

Don’t give up in the beginning, do what you do and one day it will work. Practice everyday, motivate yourself with positive thinking about the result and never stop with your goals – improvise.

Anna Georgievna stock photography preparing coffee

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