Evgeny Lobanov is one of our notable Focused Collection contributors. Evgeny shines the spotlight on the youth in his city, giving his portfolio a very lively, edgy vibe. Today Evgeny shared some insights about how he got into stock photography, when he shoots what he shoots and what you should focus on if you want to get into the business.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - fallen skateboarder

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you stumbled on stock photography.

I am a lifestyle photographer from Moscow, Russia. I am 34 years old. I work with different kinds of clients – advertising, magazines, web-clients. But after some experiences with them, I decided that I hate them. So I tried to find any way to earn money with photography without dealing with clients – and found stock photography.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - skateboarder at sunset

What style of photography inspires and motivates you to continue shooting?

I would say it’s ‘lifestyle’ photography. Though I don’t quite like it by definition. I would cut it and call it just ‘emotional life’ photography. I love it because it opens for me all the best sides of life without limits in all the colors life has to offer.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - teenagers in an inflatable castle

How important is gear in your line of work?

The level of modern technology is very high. Usually, a professional camera offers more opportunities than you need. This is great, because it let’s you forget about the gear and concentrate on creativity. The problems start when your camera is not fully professional.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - woman skateboarding

A lot of your portfolio is about youth which makes your body of work quite current. What are you trying to explore with this theme?

The younger we are, the better we are! I believe kids start to spoil as human beings when they become grownups. The pressure of life makes people more competitive, less loving. I believe people must overcome all the material circumstances of life to free their inner self. Shooting youth for me is just like a flash of ideal imaginary life.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - youth

Lighting is also very central to your photographs, giving them a very unique effect. What’s your favorite time of the day to shoot?

Actually I live in quite a northern, cold place. The lack of sun makes Russian people hungry sunlight. I also have problems with tendencies with depressions. The most difficult time for me is long, grey, cloudy winter. That’s why I decided to sing glory to the light despite the dark.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - the skateboarder

Are there some themes that will always be popular and trendy in stock photography?

I think themes can always change. But emotions – never!

What are your thoughts on the current state of stock photography?

Mostly they are all more or less convenient. I don’t have much problems with the process. The only problem is the lack of time for the whole processes. But it is unavoidable.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - girls playing with leaves

What can we expect from your portfolio in the near future?

I think about creating my portfolio as a kind of propaganda of the best things I consider in life: childhood, love, friendship, peace, nature and animals, people uniting together all over the world, overturning the world maniac politicians, etc.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - girl on a rope bridge

What do you look for in an outstanding photograph?

I am looking for a photographer’s intent to make the viewers feel positive emotions, pleasure or make them better as human beings, not keeping them depressed of in fear. I think art should be a kind of drug or instrument to improve the world around us, motivating people to be active, not passive and frustrated.

Evgeny Lobanov photography - girl with a stray dog

Your #1 tip or words of wisdom:

Train your intuition! Don’t trust politicians! Break your life circumstances: find your own way, follow what you like as with a dog’s nose – follow the smell of the pie! Listen to people but have your own opinion! Be a friend and have friends, not because its benefits! Share yourself!

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