The BBC filmed penguins flying! Left-handed Whooper on sale in 1998!  The Swiss spaghetti harvest!

Flying funny kitten © Depositphotos

Flying funny kitten © Depositphotos | Andrejs Pidjass

In 1994 the U.S. Congress tried to ban drunken surfing on the Internet and sexual discussions in a public network. 

Believe it or not, John Dvorak described the bill in his article for PC Computing magazine. As a result, Kennedy’s office had to refute this preposterous draft due to public outrage and hundreds of incessant calls to the U.S. Congress.

And that’s just one example of hundreds of the best April fool’s pranks, collected over the years on the website “Museum of Hoaxes“. Of the most hilarious jokes, we have selected our three top choices to share with you.

The first place among the Depositphotos’ favorites goes to “The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest”, invented by the operator of British TV-show “Panorama” in 1957. In a three-minute video clip, broadcasted on British TV on April 1, 1957, viewers learned about a Swiss spaghetti crop owing to an unusually mild winter. This harmless joke stirred up an unexpected public reaction: the BBC was flooded with calls from viewers asking how they could grow their own spaghetti trees. The BBC diplomatically advised, “Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.”

The second place is given to “The Left-handed Whooper” – a specially designed hamburger for left-handers.  Burger King published a full page advertisement in USA Today announcing the launch of a new sandwich for left-handed customers on April 1, 1998.  Thousands of left-handed Americans were trying to order the new product, while right-handed customers were requesting their original “right-handed” whooper.

“The BBC’s flying penguins” get their deserved first place in our top 3. For the first and last time in their history, penguins took off in the BBC show “Miracles of Evolution.” According to presenter Terry Jones, penguins flew to the rainforests of South America as they got tired of cold Antarctica. A video of these flying penguins have been watched 262.486.2 times on YouTube and is one of the most popular videos in the network.

Don’t be afraid to be the April’s Fool, and don’t forget to fool others! Have fun!

Funny guy under blanket © Depositphotos

Funny guy under blanket © Depositphotos | NinaMalyna

Electric woman © Depositphotos

Electric woman © Depositphotos | Konrad Bąk

Ridiculous dog DJ. © Depositphotos

Ridiculous dog DJ. © Depositphotos | Andrey Armyagov

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