It looks like next year we’ll need to stay confident, learn to relax, and get a sense of control over the situation more than ever. Dulux, an international brand of architectural paint, offers a solution to this. Calming, discreet, warming and even healing shade, Brave Ground, has been recently announced to be the color of the year for 2021. According to experts from the Global Aesthetic Center, this neutral color can be either a dominant or a background one in your designs.

Depositphotos curators compiled a collection of photos, illustrations, and videos to arm you with top trending visuals for your next projects. Besides, we are glad to share some ideas on how soil color palettes fit into your everyday life and how to turn them into a source of relief and daily inspiration.

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What is the color of 2021?  

According to Dulux and its Global Aesthetic Center, Brave Ground is a color that will reflect the desires, expectations, and feelings of many in 2021. Brave Ground is not just a ground color, it is associated with soil fertility and the natural life cycle.

The key advantage of the color of the year is its versatility.

It works excellent as a base for your further design experiments, as it lets other colors look expressive and stand out. At the same time, Brave Ground and its complementary and ‘earthy’ palette colors produce the best color combinations for interior and exterior design purposes.

stock photo interior sofa


Strengthen your designs with this trending color 

Sing a song of nature

stock photo plant hand

Show how time is passing by

stock photo water boat

Let others join you in your globetrotting

stock photo bicycle

Create ‘touchable’ designs

stock photo ground

Focus on personalities

stock photo man crafts paper

Invite users to secret peaceful places

stock photo window interior

Use illustrations to play with your audience

stock illustration woman


…or make your life less stressful by adding Brave Ground to it!

Mind your uniqueness

stock photo body flower

Find places where you can be yourself

stock photo city girl door

Buy yourself a healthy treatment

stock photo food eating

Turn your bedroom into a place that you truly enjoy

stock photo interior bad

Buy a plant and watch it grow

stock photo plant wall

Fall in love with your new hobby

stock photo guitar girl sofa

Change your usual route to explore more beauty

stock photo window plant

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Is it the soil color? The color of clay? Cappuccino? Skin? We can argue endlessly about what the Dulux color of the year 2021 imitates, but we cannot deny that this is a truly universal tool. And yes, Brave Ground evokes deep and pleasant feelings in our heart, because we’ve noted it since childhood, as soon as we started exploring nature.

Check out our newest Brave Ground image and video collection if you’re ready to make your creative projects soothing and welcoming to your audience.

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