IS_2 is an image studio that focuses on the quality of images and their harmony with the latest trends of photography and the requirements of the microstock business. IS_2 is a partner of many famous photo houses that offer the best images in all different styles and genres. Depositphotos is delighted that IS_2 decided to distribute its top selected images via our website. Here you will find family photographs, fashion shoots, food styling, sports and lifestyle images, nature images, wildlife, and architecture masterpieces from all over the world, to list a few.

Family enjoying picnic meal. © Depositphotos

Family enjoying picnic meal. © Depositphotos | IS_2 

Anyone familiar with the latest trends in stock photography will look forward to accessing IS_2’s portfolio at Depositphotos. Just listing a few of IS_2’s collaborators should pique your interest:

  • The Art Wolfe Archive – one of the most valuable natural history photo archives in the U.S.
  • Food Collection – the main supplier of “tasty” photos of food & beverages.
  • Old Visuals – vintage photography pros.
  • The Stephen Frink Collection – the best images of underwater and tropical worlds from 1984 to the present day, gathered in a collection by photographer Stephen Frink.

But it’s better to see with your own eyes, rather than read a few hundred words. Visit IS_2’s lightbox and see for yourself that their photographs are really eye-catching!

Senior women sitting on a wooden bench © Depositphotos

Senior women sitting on a wooden bench © Depositphotos | IS_2

Woman smoking in car © Depositphotos

Woman smoking in car © Depositphotos | IS_2

Rocks on a beach in the seychelles © Depositphotos

Rocks on a beach in the seychelles © Depositphotos | IS_2

Baseball player © Depositphotos

Baseball player © Depositphotos | IS_2

Cheesecake with a heart in it © Depositphotos

Cheesecake with a heart in it © Depositphotos | IS_2 

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