It’s been a week since we started our Week of Newcomers, a daily tour of new names in our community that is growing rapidly thanks to our dynamic content strategy.

What do a famous Russian travel blogger and a U.S. pro stock photographer have in common? Why does the Polish national cuisine look so tasty, and who would appear the first in a search for a portrait photographer in Warsaw or a cartoonist in Barcelona? The list below contains the answers!

Sean Locke

Bright, emotional and juicy stock photos by Sean Locke could make every product shine, from recognizable prints to successful business websites. “Real people. Useful objects. Greate themes. Interesting composition. They all help to tell your story, to sell your product,” promises Sean in his blog

Fans: Fan Watching Game But Listening to Others | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Sean Locke


Sergey Dolya

Like Sean, Sergey has so many emotions to offer, but in his own way – through unique travel shots. Drinking with a straw from ice-covered Lake Baikal, getting to the South Pole by plane, taking pictures of a surprised family of hippos – these are only three crazy little things among hundreds he did during his journeys around the world. We hope Sergey will never stop!

Tube riding on frozen Baikal lake, Russia | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Сергей Доля


Jose Raul Casas Blazquez

Cartoons could become an important part of any successful media project, and those from  The New Yorker Magazine work as a great example. Our new author José Raúl Casas Blázquez has an original approach that makes him very successful.

businessman born from an egg
businessman born from an egg | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Jose Raul Casas Blazquez


Agnes Kantaruk

Another great member of our community is the talented food photographer Agnes Kantaruk from Poland. She definitely knows how to make a bowl of barszcz (beet/tomato soup) look really sexy.

Top view on pot of tomato soup and fresh vegetables on old wooden table
Top view on pot of tomato soup and fresh vegetables on old wooden table | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Agnes Kantaruk


Edyta Pawlowska

Having joined Depositphotos in April, Edyta Pawlowska already has more than 600 great lifestyle shots. We love her style: it’s so optimistic, emotional and memorable.

Woman with vintage camera | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Edyta Pawlowska


Natalia Chirtsova

Natalia is the newest member of Depositphotos’ contributors club – and a very promising one. She’s a child photographer from Barnaul, Russia. Some people say child photography is easy, some say it’s not. Perhaps you can ask Natalia Christova about her job in the comments below and get your answers!

Little boy and a dog in bed | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | Natalia Chirtsova


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