Every Depositphotos author has a fascinating story of how they became a stock photography contributor. Some people are motivated to maximize creative fulfillment, while others have a desire to find their clients and earn extra money on the side. Thanks to stock photography platforms, Siberian illustrator Daria Miller unlocked her artistic potential and achieved commercial success in just a few years. 

In this interview, Daria explains why she prefers marks on paper over the human body, how the periods of existential crisis boost her creativity and why she shares her works on stock photography platforms. 

Дарья Миллер от тату-мастера к иллюстратору

On stock photography platforms being a magical place

I like to create when I want, not when I have to. That’s why my portfolio is fairly authentic. I started out as a tattoo artist and worked with my own sketches. Later, I realized that I prefer drawing on paper more so than on the human body. I wanted to share my works and decided to upload them to stocks. Since then I have discovered the magical space of these platforms. Every day I rejoice the opportunity to create what comes out of my soul and as a perk, I also get paid for it. 


On graphics, minimalism, and the most memorable illustration in the portfolio 

For me, this cosmic illustration is one of the most memorable works.

Дарья Миллер от тату-мастера к иллюстратору

The works of every author are about self-expression. The huge female head carried by a man is an illustration of my inner world, my two components. My “heavy” side likes to immerse itself in a philosophical maze, falling into a total prostration. Meanwhile, the other is grounded and reminiscent of life here and now.    

Commercial illustration involves working in different styles, but my heart is faithful to graphics and minimalism. I’m committed to this stylistic because I see the world this way. There are periods when I live in a state of inner joy and perceive everything in white light but my paintings are born during periods of existential crisis. 


On how favorite artists influence creativity

I admire the works of Gustav Klimt, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hieronymus Bosch. For me, Klimt’s work represents the “white color of life”: love, motherhood, and family. Look at the paintings “The Kiss”, “The Three Ages of Woman”, “Hope” and “The Beethoven Frieze: The Longing for Happiness Finds Repose in Poetry” and you’ll understand what I mean. 

Дарья Миллер от тату-мастера к иллюстратору

If you depict my medial state between serenity and tragedy, it looks like Hammershøi’s paintings – full of silence, peace, and melancholy. Once you see Bosch’s paintings, you can hardly forget them. The symbolism soaked in tragedy, the bottomless depth – all that is very close to me. You can have a look at what the genius of the Northern Renaissance created to understand what I think about when living the “black” palette of life. 

On searching for a signature style

When a person strives to realize their potential, they tend to bloom from within. If they try to contradict themselves, they don’t achieve anything but fear and discontent. In this painting, I depicted what happens to me as I do what gives me true pleasure. 

Дарья Миллер от тату-мастера к иллюстратору

I believe that sincere dreams come true easily. When I’m ready, the world will see my work. I think there will be a series of contemporary art exhibitions in Europe. 

The style I work in has been shaped since childhood. When I was 3-4 years old, I discovered the works of Salvador Dali. Vivid surrealism can easily affect a child’s receptive consciousness. The results of this meeting with art can be clearly seen in my art. 

illustrator daria miller

Here’s advice to those who are looking for a signature style: first of all, look! Strive for what your creative nature gravitates to. Don’t be shy. Believe in yourself! Faith from the outside is not as powerful as it is from the inside. Feel it! When you see what’s close to you, something will click inside. And believe me, this feeling is very difficult to miss. 

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