The world around us is changing faster than ever before. We’ve seen massive breakthroughs and shifts in technology, lifestyle, and values that shaped the creative industry. After such a turbulent year, it may seem like we have already been through everything. Aspirations to escape from what we’re used to and find new experiences, unconventional approaches, and alternative aesthetics will shape the year ahead.

What themes, ideas, and approaches should you embrace to match these trends, appeal to various audiences, and make your projects stand out in a saturated market? Dive into the Creative Trends project to find inspiration and ideas for 2023.

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Creative Trends 2023: Popular Topics, Curated Content Collections, and Thematic Moodboards

The idea behind Creative Trends 2023

Creative Trends is an annual project by Depositphotos designed to forecast the future of creative communication. Every year we work hard to help you prepare for new challenges, make you feel more confident about the future, and save you time when searching for new ideas.

Behind the scenes of Creative Trends are months of rigorous analysis, expert opinions, community interviews, and tons of statistics. We collaborate with the analytics team to find out which search requests appear more or less frequently in the Depositphotos 250-million file library. This allows us to make data-driven conclusions and share a clearer perspective on what audiences will be looking for in the near future. This year, we are spotlighting seven key creative trends that will dominate photography, design, advertising, and other creative fields in 2023.

The essence of Creative Trends 2023

The main theme of Creative Trends 2023 is the escape from experiences we are used to and finding alternative and unconventional approaches. Content creators will redefine rules and norms by experimenting with eclectic, dream-like, and nature-inspired aesthetics, focusing on rewilding experiences, rethinking common mindfulness practices, and expanding their target audiences. These trends will change how we think, act, and feel in 2023.

Creative Trends 2023: Popular Topics, Curated Content Collections, and Thematic Moodboards

What’s inside every trend

Ready-to-use content collections

For each trend, we carefully selected thematic content collections you can rely on in your projects to make something bold and outstanding. They are sure to bring creative inspiration and new ideas to all content creators.

Especially for our blog readers, we also created one big collection that you can explore to get into the 2023 trends vibes.

See collection

Expert opinions

In an effort to support and inspire the creative community, we teamed up with leading industry professionals and asked them to share their perspectives and advice on upcoming changes and transformations.

Our list of experts includes:

  • Monga Design — a small design studio on a journey to create awesome and beautiful things
  • Alexander Ladanivskyy — Ukrainian photographer and traveler
  • Nic Palmarini — the director of the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA)
  • Taysa Jorge — visual artist
  • Núria Vila — creative director and designer with a positive environmental impact
  • Nohlab — a studio focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design, and technology
  • Thalia Castro-Vega — personal stylist and maximalist content creator

Moodboards, color palettes, and more

To guide you through each trend, we offer a selection of moodboards and color palettes that will help you embrace their aesthetics and liven up your creative communications. Keep them at hand and return to them when you feel like experimenting and creating bold and trendy designs.

Explore Creative Trends

The following year is yet again going to be different but no less exciting. All the transformations awaiting ahead will profoundly influence creative industries. We put together our annual Creative Trends report to prepare you for these changes and increase you confidence in your creative choices. You don’t have to turn into full experimental mode, implementing all the trends into your future projects, but make sure to understand what drives them and leave some space for unleashing your creative potential. Dive into our Creative Trends to make the most of the upcoming year.


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