2020 forced us to forget about travel for a while. Our suitcases are covered with dust and our international passports were left abandoned in the far drawer of our tables. Fortunately, we have photography that can immerse us in the atmosphere of exciting adventures!

Depositphotos content curators invite you to reсall your favorite travel rituals and all the small lovely things our journeys consist of. Find yourself in our new photo collection dedicated to globetrotting vagabonds and distant lands!

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20 Things We Miss About Travel This Year 

Pack your suitcase

stock photo suitcase legs woman

Look at cities through the airplane windows

stock photo airplane window

Find your way in new cities

stock photo map bike man

Communicate with locals

stock photo woman car road

Live on the road without knowing the current date

stock photo van old couple

Swim in the sea at dawn

stock photo woman swimming

Listen to the story of someone’s life

stock photo boy man train window

Turn off your phone and rent a bike for the whole day

stock photo couple bike riding

Hitchhike to meet great people

stock photo road man car mountains

Spend the night in the open air

stock photo tent night dark sky

Feel one with nature

stock photo camp mountain view sea

Take pictures for memories

stock photo girl taxi retro camera

Enjoy your time wherever you are

stock photo woman swimming mountain lake

Get to know your friends from a new and wonderful perspective

stock photo young boy van skateboard

Drive, drive, and drive

stock photo woman driver

Fall in love with fellow travelers

stock photo couple kissing train

Sign postcards

stock photo sigh postcard Venice woman

Choose souvenirs for beloved nephews

stock photo liberty statue

Be late to the railway station and stay for longer

stock photo old train window

Miss home and come back to start planning a new trip

stock photo retro map traveler

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Getting a bit emotional surfing through this collection? So are we! However, we also believe that the longer we wait for global tourism to restore, the more time we have to rethink the experience of our previous journeys and carefully plan a new amazing one.

And for even more inspiration, continue following mountain trails and explore narrow streets of ancient cities with other travel-themed photos taken by Depositphotos contributors from all over the world.

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