Father’s Day is celebrated on June 21 and it’s time to think of your marketing campaign for the special occasion. What’s going to be different and special this year? Thematic content marketing, congratulatory emails with coupon codes, or combos and product kits? 

Whatever your strategy will be, you’ll definitely have to add at least a couple of visuals to your marketing materials. They will help you better appeal to your audience and make your campaign more relatable. To save your time and effort this year, we’ve carefully curated the “Happy Father’s Day” photo collection. It features dozens of thematic images to which every Dad can relate.  

See collection

Although including visuals in your marketing materials is extremely important, copy plays a significant role as well. Your visuals and copy should complement each other. Together they should make up an insightful message that will also help you build a community around your brand and connect with your customers on a personal level. 

It’s easier for people to pay attention to accurate and catchy lines but also to those that are built on insights. What this means is that you should clearly understand the lifestyle and values of your target audience. What language do they speak in terms of their professional and cultural background? What are their biggest joys and pain points? Do they celebrate Father’s Day at all?

Having found answers to these questions (in addition to the basic ones that concern their demographics and psychographics), you’ll be able to tailor a message that will help you appeal to your audience. 

For instance, with your 2020 Father’s Day marketing campaign, you can take an angle that dads express their feelings differently than moms do. They might seem to be less emotional at first sight, but it does not mean that they love their families less. Fathers also have those little moments with their children that they appreciate. Many have fond memories with their fathers as they share hobbies, explore the world together, and other activities that are included in our photo collection. 


For father’s love is…

…when you become best friends with your child

Little girl and her father having fun stock photo

…when you share hobbies

father and son fishing stock photo

…when your child smiles looking at you

stock image of father is taking care of his child

…when you explore the world together

father helping child stock image

…when he looks like a smaller version of yourself

Closeup portrait of father and baby

…when you’re having fun together

father playing with child stock image

…when your grown-up children come to visit you

Father welcoming daughter in the kitchen stock photo

This is just a small bunch of insights that you can use for your Father’s Day marketing campaigns this year. In general, you don’t have to come up with complex solutions and build strategies around holidays like this. You just need to find a simple and heartfelt way to relate to your customers.

Simplicity is king in 2020 so try to follow this rule from now on. 

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