Artists that find their medium of expression generally feel liberated, as they’re free to do what they love. This is certainly the case for Jesus Ortiz, who keeps up an Instagram account that is reflective of his creative pursuits. Doodles and objects go hand in hand to illustrate little scenarios that are fun and simply a pleasure to observe.

Sometimes witty and funny, Jesus’s art is about daydreaming and exploring all the while pushing personal limits in creativity and imagination. For Jesus, expression in this sense is essential and today he shares with us his story, his journey with art and his successful project.


Jesus, tell us  little bit about yourself and your creative journey.

My name is Jesus, although I like more my nickname “Jesuso”, which many friends have used affectionately for years.

I liked art from a very young age. I always remember myself surrounded by colored pencils and notebooks with drawings.

I enjoy creating a lot, so for me it is a way of life.

How did your project with doodles and objects start?

It started in a very casual and progressive way. When I created my Instagram account, I made minimalist photographs of landscapes, architecture and the like.

Little by little, I started to introduce illustrations in the photos. I also made funny montages, and that’s how I derived in what I do today.

This way of working seems to me a wonderful way to keep the mind entertained and awake.

Where do you draw inspiration, and how are the ideas for your Instagram images conceived?

Inspiration usually comes unexpectedly and can arise from anything. Casually one day taking a walk on the beach, or just down the street when going to make a purchase. Anything can be inspiring, you just have to be constantly attentive.

Fruits, flowers and plants are very popular because they offer fun shapes and cheerful colors.

How long does it take you to prepare an illustration from your initial idea to final shot?

It depends. Not all of them take the same amount of time. What takes me the longest is definitely getting a good idea.

The executive process to create an illustration is faster. In total, I can take a few hours to several days.

What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

My favorite part is to see how the image manages to have a life of its own. What I mean is when I finish the work, I get the impression that the illustration no longer belongs to me.

I like to see it as something alien to me that manages to have its own trajectory.

Although in general, every part of the process is fun and enriching.

If you look at your body of work, is there some message you’d like to send out into the world with your creations?

Yes, it is very important for me to complete the image with inspiring text. For this, I usually get help from famous quotes from people I admire, especially Alejandro Jodorowsky.

I like the contrast of my (naíf) images with the deep and emotional text. It’s a way to connect with our inner child that we all have.


Do you collaborate with other brands and if which ones would you collaborate with in the future if you had the choice?

I have worked with some brands, although I am quite selective when it comes to working with brands. I have rejected many proposals because they do not go with my style, or because I do not go with their style.

They offered me all the freedom I’d like to have.

I have not thought about specific brands, I just like that they respect my work and give me freedom when it comes to work.

I also like to collaborate with NGOs as much as I can.

Can you tell us something about your cat? He’s a frequent in your projects.

Yes!! He has been my partner for almost 8 years. It’s called Momo (like the protagonist of Michael Ende’s book).

He came to my life in 2010 when a friend found it abandoned. The mother, discovering that he was deaf, removed him from the litter.

Over time, it became a beautiful and elegant cat, so I had to make the most of it! 🙂

Your first few photographs of your work are very different in comparison to the newer ones. How would you say your style has changed?

As I told you in the first few questions, I started doing minimalist photos. At first, I thought that Instagram was only for photography, I did not know it could be used to publish more creative works such as montages and illustrations.

Little by little, I discovered other accounts in which other techniques were used, so I started to introduce other elements, that’s how I was changing.

What have you learned so far from your creative projects?

I have learned a lot in this span of time. Above all, it helps me to be always “awake” myself, creatively speaking. It helps me to have my imagination always awake and alert.

It has also helped me awaken my inner child, to have fun.

I have lost the fear of showing my work. Not so long ago, I was very afraid to show my work out of fear of being judged by others. Now I have learned to not have issues in that sense.

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Do you have any tips for fellow creatives about starting their own projects?

The only thing that occurs to me is that they should experiment without fear and without pretense. The most important thing is to enjoy and do things from the heart, everything else will come naturally.

If you’d like to keep up with Jesus Ortiz and his work, follow him on Instagram or see his latest work on his personal website.

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