Many people ask me what one needs to get started in photography. Today’s article will inspire those that question their talent because this is a story of a young man that had nothing but passion to break into the industry.

Sutipon Somnam is one of our contributors from Thailand. He started a few years ago solely with a passion and a dream and he made it into a reality with a borrowed camera. In a short period of time, he received opportunities to travel abroad do what he loves most – taking pictures.

One thing you will notice when looking at the artist’s portfolio is that his photographs have an aura of authenticity. The portraits and lifestyle pictures communicate on a deeper emotional level with the viewers. Sutipon shares with us the particularities of different cultures and his images are framed in a way that is plain and honest; through the eyes of a talented photographer.


Lessons in photography

People that aspire to be photographers go to great lengths to learn the necessary skills.

But here’s a different perspective. Having no particular skills or lessons in photography, Sutipon persisted and was able to learn all the insider secrets on his own.

Sutipon was so keen to learn that he used all the resources available to him online. There were times when he felt like giving up but his drive and his passion was enough to keep him going. Here are the top 3 things Sutipon shares from his experience:

– Learn about proper lighting in photography

– Camera accessories don’t always have to be expensive

– Love what you do, and the rest will follow


A personal approach to photography

How does Sutipon achieve such grace and elegance in his photography? His heartfelt explanation will be a valuable lesson to all. Sutipon shares with us his approach to photography and it’s slightly unconventional.

“There are so many different types of people. When I see them, my mind wanders. These people have a history and a story to share with the world. I take many pictures to show these stories to the world. How do these people live? Are they happy or sad? What makes them special?”


Stock photography is motivating

One of the great things about shooting for stock photography websites is that you can focus on themes that are important to you. For Sutipon, it’s the people, places and cultures. He takes many photographs in his hometown as well as in neighboring cities in Myanmar and other countries.

Instead of shooting conventional themes, Sutipon is concerned with taking good pictures. His goal is to share a new perspective of the cultures that aren’t yet popularized to show people the diversity inherent in different countries.

Sutipon has chosen stock photograph because it is motivating. With time, he hopes to be able to fund his trips and have enough money to buy a better camera.


Emphasis on cultures and diversity

Every artist has their own approach to photographing their subjects. Sutipon shares a different way of working. The most important thing he is concerned with is how to illustrate and capture the cultures of different people in a single frame.

When photographing children, Sutipon is always sure to give out candy to thank the little humans for posing in his photographs. This sincerity and kindness is evident in many of his pictures. The subjects in  his photographs always look open and comfortable.

This is yet another important lesson on how your relationship with your subjects will determine the success of your photoshoots. Different people require different approaches.


A bright future lies ahead

Sutipon is a talented photographer with a heartfelt story and a promise at a bright future. His biggest dream is to travel the world in pursuits of what he loves most – learning about different cultures and taking pictures.

You don’t need the most expensive equipment and the latest gadgets. You certainly don’t even need your own studio. Sutipon has showed us that not even money is a barrier to your dreams. If you have a passion, be persistent and allow destiny to take it’s course.

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