Summer is here, and many are enjoying their long-awaited vacations in paradise. The only issue is that there are no interesting holidays or occasions to share with your audience. However, the world is celebrating International Friendship Day on July 30. This is the perfect holiday for a quick, but effective marketing campaign.

The best way to be on the same page with your audience is to choose topics that are important to them. With 2020 being a challenging year for many, people pay attention to content that gives them faith in a bright future. This approach is specified in the 2021 visual trends and is called “Symbols of Optimism”.

You have the opportunity to create a meaningful project and strengthen relationships with your clients. Show that you care about their well-being and share their values. These are just a few holiday campaign options for International Friendship Day:

  • a social media campaign (for instance, you can ask your followers to share friendship stories or their most treasured pictures with friends)
  • email marketing campaign (offer your customers holiday discounts that they can share with their friends)
  • a thematic blog post (create a selection of films about real friendships, or a list of unusual ideas on how to have a great time with friends)
  • an advertising campaign (this holiday was created for “Invite Friends” offers. If you have a referral program, you can increase the reward or discount)

To help you create an International Friendship Day campaign, we’ve prepared a thematic collection of content. Choose candid photos and videos dedicated to one of the most incredible things in our lives – friendship.

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7 Reasons Why We Love Our Friends…

…we can trust them with our biggest secrets

Фото две девушки сидят на пирсе

…spending time together is amazing!

Фото двое детей обнимают друг друга

…they are always here to help

Фото мужчина и женщина в горах складывают дрова для костра

…it is exciting to explore the world with them

Фото компания друзей на экскурсии в горах

…we are always on the same page

Фото две девушки серфингистки на берегу океана

…we can laugh out loud together

Фото парень с девушкой веселятся

…we share our happiest moments

Фото компания девушек отмечает день рождения

…and fails as well

Фото двое футболистов обнимают друг друга

…we have lots in common, despite our differences

Фото компания друзей обедает за столом

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For many, friends are some of the most important people in life. They believe in us, love us as we are, inspire us, genuinely celebrate our victories, and support us when we fail. Moreover, friendship positively affects our health by helping us cope with difficulties in life. In other words, friends make us feel happy.

You can lean on your friends at all times, without being tied to a date. Friendship will always be relevant. Your audience will love content that reminds them of how much their friends mean to them, and how important it is to appreciate them.

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