Lightroom has more than 300 shortcuts that can make your life a bit easier, speed up your workflow and save the most valuable resource – your time. However, it’s pretty hard to remember all of them unless you have a photographic memory. Using these shortcuts you’ll be able to work more efficient and faster.

Lightroom is a very user-friendly tool – you can take any actions in several different ways. All these actions you can also find in a sidebar or the main menu, so don’t be afraid if you won’t be able to remember everything at once.

Lightroom Shortcuts for editing and managing images for Windows and MacOS

We have picked some of the most universal and useful shortcuts that will save your time. In the first table are the shortcuts that will help you to manage and organize photos. You’ll be able to go to different modules by pressing one key on your keyboard, select all photos, and rate your images. The second table refers to editing: copying and pasting settings, changing white balance and creating presets. So check out our infographic and choose shortcuts that will save your time!


We hope these shortcuts make you a more advanced Lightroom user. Who knew you could press only two keys to edit an image in Photoshop instead of opening a countless number of folders? Please share with us your favorite shortcuts in the comments section!

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