The best kind of break from day to day work is creative procrastination. When you’re not working on your projects, you can be spending your time on the lookout for new ideas, artists, photographers and other things that will enrich your creative workflow.

As a photographer, you’ve got to pan out and submerse yourself in other areas of art and design just so you are prepared for the next big thing that is waiting to surface from dark corners of the internet. These ideas are everywhere, you just have to learn to look. Here are 10 websites for you to resort to for creative inspiration.

1. Inspiration Hut

Impressive branding, jewelry design, miniature worlds and mind blowing illustrations are just a few examples of the current articles on Inspiration Hut. This online magazine zooms in on talented individuals and offers lots of great benefits for artists and designers. They feature the kind of work that fuels creativity and inspires to be more inventive. It’s the perfect resource when you feel drained of creative energy or feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut.


2. The Inspiration Grid

If you don’t have patience with most websites and blogs to get to ‘the good stuff’, here’s a great website. The neat layout makes projects immediately eye catching; if you see something you like, you simply get redirected to the page. This eliminates scrolling through pages because it’s all here in one place. Inspiration Grid covers the topics of photography, architecture, art, design, typography, and fashion.


3. My Modern Met

One of the first things you’ll notice about Mymodernmet is that it feels like a community of likeminded, creative individuals that really do want to share and spread the beauty in this world. The feed is a constant reminder of how diverse and impactful creative projects can be. The topics covered include photography, technology, art, design, architecture, environmental issues and other inspiring stories from around the world.


4. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is put together by a community of talented photographers that share market insights, inspiration and tips on photography and business. This website is more niche and provides great information on everything related to digital photography. The publication quickly became one of the most important resources for photography gear reviews, tips and industry news.


5. Stuck in Customs

Stuckincustoms is a one man show. Trey creates these outlandish photographs that seem like digital creations. When you realize that this is not Photoshop at all, but instead a very intricate technique the photographer uses, the page becomes irresistible to follow. Trey’s works are real and very inspiring and he freely shares his personal techniques and tips on photography.


6. This is Colossal

Colossal explores art, design and visual culture in general. The website gets updated very frequently and covers the topics of design, fine art, photography, animation, installations and street art. One of the best aspects of the Colossal is that it acts as a reminder that even in the digital age, there are amazing things being created around the world and by hand.


7. From up North

This magazine has excellent curated visual content from around the web. It gathers only the best and the most recent news from the creative industry. The story of this website is fascinating because it stemmed from one man’s search for inspiration. Within a few years, it grew from a small blog to an online publication that is one of the most popular websites for creative inspiration.


8. Design You Trust

Captivating stories, a bit of the funny and the weird. Design You Trust covers the topics of photography, architecture, inspiration, technology, animals, design and travel. It’s a very minimalistic website that focuses solely on delivering only the most inspiring stories. Some of the covers of projects and events are less heard of which makes this publication stand out.


9. Booooooom

Boooooom is a Canadian illustration blog that is a little playful and shows some of the most unique projects from around the web. Many of the presented projects are surreal and unusual and really make you think outside the box. These are the slightly less known projects which you won’t find anywhere else. The online magazine features artists (including photographers) and places a special emphasis on illustration.


10. The Photoblographer

The Photoblographer is a great way to stay ahead of your game and keep up with the photography industry. The website offers reviews, news and tips on photography so that you can learn everything there is about new methods and equipment. There’s a constant update on inspiring projects and interesting stories from talented artists.


What are your favourite go-to websites for inspiration? Share your websites and blogs with us in the comments section below.

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