If you have a pet, over half of the feed in your phone is likely pictures of your irreplaceable companions. Today’s tutorial is going to help you elevate your images, and really portray your pets in a new light.

Phil Harris is a wedding photographer from Cardiff in the UK. In this week’s blog, he shares with you some of his favourite camera hacks to take better pictures of your dog.

As you will see in the video, Phil shares ten simple hacks to take your pet pictures to the next level.

1. Window light


Window light is one of the best forms of soft lighting you can get. Next time you want to take a picture of your pooch, put them next to a window.

2. Phone light


Failing that, try using the light on your mobile to help light up an otherwise dull image.

3. Tin Foil


This handy little tip will help add a creative side to your photos. Use that shallow depth of field to add a fantastic bokeh to the background of your image.

4. Upside down reflection


Symmetry and reflection are a photographers best friend. After you have learned how to use puddles to your advantage, you will always keep your eyes peeled for one.

5. Mirror white space


White space is fantastic for drawing your viewers eye. Why not use the corner of a mirror to create white space.

6. Fairy Lights


One of the oldest tricks in the book, but fairy lights always go along way to adding a new element to your images.

7. Perspex


Always keep your mobile phone surface or perspex to hand in case you ever need a way to create an instant reflection.

8. Prism


Add a bit of colour to your reflections with a prism.

9. Phone flare


Create that fantastic flare effect by just shining the light directly into your lens from an angle.

10. Change your perspective


Remember, great photography is just about taking images in a different way to your average photographer. 90% of that comes down to the camera angle. Start shooting your pet from a perspective most people will have never seen them before.

The real question is though, how did he manage to keep his dog so still?

See the full video tutorial here:

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