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Insider Tips To Quickly Find Perfect Images For Your Projects
Does it take a while to find that one image you need on a stock photography platform? If so, read these insider secrets from our in house-experts to find out how to save time searching for stock visuals.
Explore image collections
Collections are a real treasury of the best visuals the Depositphotos library has to offer. They include thematic images and videos that are hand-picked by our content team to help you quickly find visuals on particular themes.
In this pop-up store, we feature our top spring-related collections with photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos that will help you stand out with your ads, campaigns, or other types of projects.
To explore more options or look for niche content on topics such as medicine, technology, sports, and others, browse all image collections on the Depositphotos website.
Apply search filters
The power of search filters on stock websites is often underestimated, but… it can do wonders for your search request!
Search filters help you save plenty of time by showing only the most relevant content in the feed.
They allow you to sort out images by different categories that include origin and location, season and time of the day, orientation and background, image size, color, and more.
To test these search filters, go to the Depositphotos website, type in your search request, and enjoy the filters on the left to help you find relevant visuals quicker.
origin and location
season and time of the day
orientation and background
data added
To make the most of search filters, you should come prepared.
One more important tip!
Always come prepared
Here's the recipe for better image search: Know what you're looking for!
Where will the image be used? For social media, a print magazine, a holiday marketing campaign, or for another project?
Before you start surfing the stock library, ask yourself the following questions:
What orientation is more fitting? You can search for horizontal, vertical, or square visuals.
What types of content do you need? On Depositphotos you can search by photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music separately.
Are there any other important details that you can think of? For instance, would you like people to be on the image or video? What season should it be? What color hue do you prefer?
Answering all these questions will help you understand which search filter should be applied to narrow down your search request and spend less time browsing hundreds of pages for a general keyword.
Keep your Favorites folder at hand!
It allows you to:
save images and videos you liked on Depositphotos directly from the search feed
always keep your own top picks at hand
group images by folders
avoid messy bookmarks on you computer
quickly find your favourite contributors and more
How to access and use the Favorites folder:
Make sure you have a Depositphotos account and are signed in to access the Favorites feature.
Step 01
Every image on Depositphotos has a star icon at the bottom when you hover over it. Click on the star, and the image will automatically be added to your Favorites folder.
Step 02
Find all your saved images in a folder at the bottom of your screen or on your homepage when you sign in. Click on it to find options to rearrange the images or create new folders.
Step 03
Imagine how useful it would be if you could save and group stock visuals into folders like on Pinterest? Depositphotos has this feature and it's called 'Favourites'.
to find more inspiration and tips on working with stock photography platforms.
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