How do you choose what you’re going to photograph? One way to go about it is to dive right into the unexplored themes because you know exactly what clients are looking for. We’ve made your task of looking for themes easier and more accessible.

Our series of 4 articles has covered every topic that is currently in-demand and trending. If you’ve missed the previous ones, visit the blog post on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the unexplored themes in stock photography.

The changing contemporary lifestyle

Focusing on the modern lifestyle is an opportunity to capture a diverse range of activities that are all around you. We live in an incredibly fast paced, technology-driven society and there are a million ways in which you can capture these changes.

Another aspect that deserves a spotlight in the lifestyle category is diversity. Capture family, couples, kids and people of different ages mingling and interacting. There needs to be more variety and balance in this category in terms of hobbies, work and leisure time.


To show you how broad and fascinating the topic is, we compiled two infographics about the lifestyle category and specific themes you can explore – Part 1 and Part 2.

Leading a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a topics that never loses popularity. Making healthy choices requires a change in daily routine and as a photographer, your job is to capture these changes.

People that are embracing a healthy lifestyle are concerned with making a positive change to benefit their well being. To approach the topic, you can take pictures of the things they eat, how they exercise and the role of technology in helping them achieve their goals.


Variety of sports

As a continuation of the previous topic, sports are a popular yet less developed topic in stock photography. It is important to illuminate the different sports that people pursue, keeping in mind that the style that is in demand is inclined towards natural, authentic photography.

Both indoor and outdoor sports are important to mention. Document people in action, in a more realistic, believable and candid manner.


Millennials and generation Z

An important question to ask yourself is what distinguishes a millennial? What makes the new generation different and how can we portray this through photography? It’s important to stay away from some common stereotypes and instead edge closer to the actions and events that best portray millennials.

Generation Z are teenagers fresh out of high school and they’re the ones that are the target audiences for many marketing campaigns. The generation is commonly defined by an adapted technology-driven lifestyle.


Schools, colleges and universities

Documenting university life should be easy but we always stumble on unrealistic, overly happy images of college students. Not to say that university is a dreadful experience, but there are certain hardships that come with university life that can be better represented in stock photography.

Think back to your experience in university and try to capture that significant stage in a new light, one that is more accurate and relatable. Show different nationalities mingling together to better reflect the contemporary culture.


When working on your submissions, you have to think more conceptually about your chosen themes. Every photograph has the potential to reach more clients if you just use the right keywords and show unique perspective. It is also another opportunity to think outside the box and try to find creative solutions for otherwise conventional and unexplored themes.

See our previous posts on unexplored themes in stock photography – Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

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