AViiQ Portable Charging Station

We got our hands on a device called AViiQ Portable Charging Station and it’s obviously designed for people who travel A LOT. We do, and we were very excited to give it a test run because at some point in our lives we’ve all experienced the same sensation of utter terror we at Depositphotos call ‘juice failure’, when the battery symbol on our iPhones turns yellow just before the four hour flight. Besides, if you’re planning on making money with your mobile photographs, you’d better be prepared. And that’s where this smartly accessorized portable 5200mAh battery comes in.

Redesign AViiQ mainframe

 AViiQ Portable Charging Station plugged in | Photo ©  AViiQ | www.aviiq.com

5200 milliamps is a lot, enough for three or four charges on any model iPhone. As far as the iPad 3 (the ‘old new’ one), this thing won’t even dent it, even left charging overnight, so keep this in mind if you’re an iPad person: AViiQ Portable Charging Station is strictly an emergency device for people who are constantly on the go and simply can’t afford to be left without a connection to the outside world. Or for those who actively use their smart devices for gaming, reviewing videos and taking pictures (any Clashot fans out there?).

Redesign AViiQ mainframe USB

AViiQ Portable Charging Station USB | Photo ©  AViiQ | www.aviiq.com

Other than that, we think that its convenience is a bit overrated. For instance, the specialized cable racks with four detachable winders in truth are just excessive bulk. We’ve never, not once found ourselves in need of these plastic thingies with fairly sharp corners, although, they do look pretty neat on the photo.  Besides, anyone who’s ever done a single mile knows that size and weight are your enemies on the road. And AViiQ Portable Charging Station is not small, neither it is light. Ultimately, it’s only useful in situations when you know, you’re going to be cut off from all the juice sources for a longer time than a single iPhone charge. But if you’re going to be staying in hotels at any point in your journey, it’s good enough to just make sure that you plug your black box into the wall before you go to sleep.

Redesign AViiQ mainframe leather case

AViiQ Portable Charging Station case | Photo ©  AViiQ | www.aviiq.com

OK, so, here is the low-down:


 4 USB Ports

Detachable 15W (5V/3A) Wall Charger

4 USB Cable Rack System Winders

1 Plush Valet Pad


Height: 10 inches (254 mm)

Width: 5 inches (127 mm)

Depth: 1.5 inches (38 mm)

Weight: 7.06 oz (212 g)


For use with any device with a USB charging cable, even iPads and other tablets


One (1) AViiQ Portable USB Charging Station Sleeve

4 Port USB Hub

One (1) AC/DC Adapter

One (1) User Guide

One (1) Warranty Card – 1 Year Warranty


From $49

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