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A Guide to Engaging Content Curation: 10 Visual Formats You Should be Using

Has your visual content marketing strategy been working so far? You would probably answer ‘yes and no’. Everybody is aware of how powerful visual content is, yet we fall short of engagement or don’t notice any significant spike in traffic when we’re clearly doing everything we can. Don’t take it personally, but there could be a gap in your tactic! We’re here to help because this is a constant struggle for many industry professionals.

Guest Post: 7 Ways Images Improve Content Engagement

People are visually-inclined creatures. In fact, every time you look at a picture or even just open your eyes and look around, as much as 2/3 of your brain's activity is devoted to visual data processing and storage. The same goes for every person on Earth capable of sight. Using that much brain power means you are paying a lot more attention, too. Knowing how to attract that attention can be useful- especially if you're trying to promote or connect with your customers.

The Ultimate Stock Image Search Guide

Looking for images is easy, it’s finding the right ones that is hard work. We really have to tap into your thinking process to uncover some of the secrets to better search results. Often times, people are too quick to punch in the basic keywords and are left with cliches to work with. To fix this, you’ve got to change the way you approach a stock photography search. To uncover how to find good stock pictures and vectors, continue reading our detailed guide.  

10 Quick Marketing Tips for Photographers

When you hit ‘Search’ in Google, you get submerged in a virtual environment that resembles a market place. You’re attracted to the fancier stores on the first page and lose your interest as you scroll. What becomes important next are things like website designs, appealing blogs and catchy titles. So how do photographers promote themselves?