Free vector image of the week: beautiful foliage from ClassyCatStudio

Oh, you’re in for something special, my fellow golden autumn adorers! Today’s free vector is about all things foliage:

Flying autumn leaves on orange background


Flying autumn leaves background | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

Getting ready: 5 Featured contributors ready to scare you good for Halloween

The “Day of the Dead”, the “Night of the Floating Apples” (now, that’s a weird one), the “Celtic New Year – these are all names for the same holiday better known as Halloween. Although, we still got a couple of weeks before the Wicked witch leaves the forest, the pros always prepare in advance. In our case, with the help of a selection of featured artists who in our opinion are unsurpassable in the art of scaring people. Of course, in a good way. Here they are:

Illustration of Halloween scrapbook elements


Illustration of Halloween scrapbook elements — © aviany 20% off!

The Digital Decade winners interviews! Special Place: Zakharia Mesropov

Here is the third interview in the series of conversations with “The Digital Decade” contest winners. This time we sit down with…


Special Place: Zakharia Mesropov

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