Free vector of the week: Set of infographic elements

Getting ready to summarize the year? Well, it’s gonna take a lot of infographics to put the right accents on the right things. Hopefully, this week’s treat from ClassyCatStudios will help!

Set of infographic elements

Set of infographic elements | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio


Pop Quiz Answers: name all 25 apps

Copy paste keyboard - plagiarist tool

Copy paste keyboard (plagiarist tool) | Stock Photo © Depositphotos |Sielan

Since our friend and fan Anna Lee was the first to nail all 25 apps on our Facebook page, we’re gonna save ourselves some typing time and do the old copy-paste from Anna’s post. Here are her answers to the yesterday’s pop quiz:

Pop Quiz: name familiar app brands!

When evaluating the visibility of a logo design, most designers consider how it will look in all kinds of situations — printed on advertisements, cast in metal, embossed on letterhead, foil-stamped on packaging, blown up to a mega-size for environmental signage, etc.

Logos for apps, however, are different. The most important test is how the mark will look at less than a quarter-inch high when viewed on a smartphone or laptop screen. Here’s a quiz to see if you can name these app brands, shown here larger than they are normally seen. The answers are coming tomorrow!

Pop Quiz: name familiar app brands!
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