Top 5 mobile photo editing apps on the market right now

Top 5 mobile photo editing appsIn the beginning there were phones and cameras. We used phones for phone calling and cameras for camera photography. And then it came to pass that in the year 2000 the first camera-phone was sold in Japan, the J-phone. That’s when mobilography entered our lives and it doesn’t seem to be planning on exiting any time soon. But once the euphoria from the ability to take pictures with phones began to dissipate, we’ve noticed that pictures come out from phones kind of… wrong. Not bright enough, not sharp enough. Eventually, folks have figured out how to deal with that, too. Enters the mobile photo editing software.

In seven or so years in its existence, there have been probably hundreds, if not thousands, of different apps allowing user to alter mobile photographs as he or she saw fit. And now there’s one that’s actually quite different. It’s called Clashot (available free on the AppStore and on Google Play) and it serves as a mobile platform, rather than just an editing app. Clashot mobile reports
It allows you and your friends upload, like, comment share and sell (sic!) your mobile photos via Depositphotos. So, we figure, every now and again different editing apps pop up on the market, why not tell you about the ones that will definitely help you make your mobile photos stand out, so that they are not only getting likes and comments, but also supplement your income. Right now there are 5 mobile photo editing apps that we think you should stick with.

Stock photo in web design: do’s and don’ts

Depositphotos' view on stock photo in web design: do’s and don’ts

Well, there are two things, mostly. Number one is stock photography tends to get overused – a lot. We are sure, 95% of you all out there will agree to that. Whenever you see a really nice photo on the web or on big board, chances are there’s a million of other websites use that same photo of a business women in tight pant suit wearing glasses and pointing at something. So, how do we deal with that?

Monday Contest: today’s theme is HARMONY

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