Todays High Five! has got some recommendations for microstock newcomers from our contributor Mariia Sniegirova, photographer and postcard designer with three years’ experience in microstocks. To view Mariia’s portfolio, please follow this link.

1. Work hard. You should already know that working in the microstock industry takes a lot of time. Be aware that you will have to work as much as you would at a full-time office job – or harder! Of course, the quality of your work is very important; but the stock business demands quantity as well. Every day, thousands of images are uploaded to stock websites, and even the most brilliant image can get lost among the others. That is why, if you really want to earn, you have to produce a large number of images.

Art collage with beautiful woman in garden | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | mariia sniegirova

2. Do what you like to do. Try to upload those works which are created in your favorite style. Remember that working with stock images will be your permanent occupation; and that is why you have to work in the format and style that you enjoy most.

3. Develop your own style. I believe that your work has to be easily recognizable. Of course, there are styles and topics that are considered traditional for microstocks; but if you really want to stand out, you need to be special.

Art collage with beautiful young woman with umbrella | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | mariia sniegirova

4. Be patient. Many contributors give up too soon if they don’t have many sales. At first, you should concentrate on creating a basic portfolio; only after that will selling stocks become rewarding. It usually takes around six months to build a strong portfolio.

Vintage collage with woman | Stock Photo © Depositphotos |  mariia sniegirova

5. Plan and schedule. Strict planning is very important when it comes to working with microstock agencies. Come up with the plan of your work for a certain period; you can decide, for instance, to upload 10 images daily. I think it’s better to remind customers about our work with a small batch of images every day or so, than to upload 200–300 files once a month.

Beauty woman in dress from flowers | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | mariia sniegirova

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