High Five! is on the air, and today it’s full of fairy tales and magic. Our gold contributor FairytaleDesign, an illustrator who focuses mostly on fantasy and mistique, shares her favorite (and most lucrative) subjects with our readers. Stay tuned!

1. Fairy Tales: Fairy tales are absolute pleasures to draw. They reveal a completely different world: the realm of fantasies, dreams and mystery. They are magical, amusing and witty; sometimes also thrilling and scary. This is a great field for artistic interpretation. I work with hand-painting and 3D artwork, and this has been my top favorite illustration subject for years.

Pumpkin carriage in a forest | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | FairytaleDesign

2. Vintage Themes: Illustrations with vintage and rustic themes are popular and provide good sales. I am myself a great enthusiast of vintage and retro styles, in both fashion and home decor, and I often draw my graphic inspirations from the Victorian era. Vintage themes are sophisticated, classy, romantic, and nostalgic. They bring memories of the past and create a mood of timeless elegance.

Old room with vintage toys | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | FairytaleDesign

3. Seasons: Landscapes and seasonal illustrations are easy to draw and allow the artist to be creative in a unique, personal way. Colorful autumn forests, flowering meadows in springtime, green summer vegetation, or snowy winter scenery is the study of nature itself, through the eyes of the artist. It is also a challenge to capture the world around us in all its natural beauty. I love to paint all seasons; but autumn is definitely my favorite.

Wooden pier in colorful woods | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | FairytaleDesign

4. Fantasy Gardens & Forests: I greatly enjoy drawing and painting enchanted forests, magic gardens, fairy mushrooms, and fantasy scenery. These images are also my most popular and best-selling illustrations. They are places of magic, myth and romance; fascinating for both children and adults.

Tree by a pond | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | FairytaleDesign

5. Magic & Horror: Wizard’s laboratories, witches’ cottages, cemeteries, fantasy worlds and scenes – it is both fun and challenging to work with these topics. I especially enjoy creating illustrations with Halloween themes, scary and colorful forests, interiors and graveyards. Autumn and winter, with short days and long nights, always bring a lot of ideas and spooky inspirations for my designs.

Fantasy study with magic books | Stock Photo © Depositphotos | FairytaleDesign

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