FREE VECTOR IMAGE: Vector gift box by ClassyCatStudio

Every week we offer you to download one of the vector images from our special collection FOR FREE. You are welcome to apply it to your website, banners and other advertising products. This week go for this Vector gift box by ClassyCatStudio!

Vector gift box with silk pink bow

Vector gift box with silk  bow | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

FREE VECTOR: Bell with bow from ClassyCatStudio

Although, we haven’t even started “doing our gay apparel”, there are those in the business of graphic design, who are already hard at work putting together Christmas discount posters, helping buyers and sellers to meet, literally, half way. Well, guess what! Santa’s little helpers over at ClassyCatStudios have put together their own elaborate plan for you to save some time and money: this week’s free vector!

Bell with bow vector

Bell with bow | Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

This week’s free vector: mobile phone icons

Sometimes an icon design is the difference between a successful app and a fluke. Apple’s Head of Interaction, Jony Ive, gets this simple truth. That’s why the new icons for iOS7 are mostly designed not by the app people but by the marketing and communications department: who better than them understands the wants and needs of the zeitgeist? So, to you out there who are on the same page with Jony and his team, here is a little free boost from ClassyCatStudio:

Vector mobile phone icons

Mobile phone icons| Stock Vector © Depositphotos | ClassyCatStudio

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