Closing the Gender Gap Through Stock Images of Professions


As you surf the internet, you can’t help but stumble upon stock photography. One too many times we’ve seen females as secretaries, nurses and yoga instructors, and men dominating the more powerful professions. People deliberately choose specific images of males and females that best embody their respective roles in the workforce. If you pay close attention, you will realize that even stock photography tends to be sexist through the portrayal of outdated stereotypes.

Olympics in Rio is Coming! Are You Ready?


Three billion people all over the world are expected to cheer for the Summer Olympics this year. For 19 days, more than 10,000 athletes will compete in 42 sports in Rio de Janeiro, no doubt setting several new world records.

We’ve gotten quite used to the enormous scope of the Olympics, and we expect no less than a tremendous opening ceremony and intense competition between world-class athletes. However, the games weren’t always a global event of such significance.

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Celebrate a 50-million-file milestone with us!



Seven years ago, we founded Depositphotos. Today, we have reached an amazing 50 million files. We are proud of this achievement and want to celebrate this day with those people who have helped us to grow: our talented contributors.

Thank you for your incredible work, and for the inspiration that you share with the world!

We believe that hard work and a creative mind are the key elements of success. It’s not just about the quantity; our photographers produce high-quality content, while we create a convenient platform with advanced search options.

With your help, we have built a 50-million-file base to provide our customers with the best solutions possible, whether they want a blog cover, an editorial photo for a news article, or a background video for a corporate site.

Let’s celebrate and keep up the good work!

Stay awesome!



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