Clashot receives the prestigious Best agency Mobile app Award!

So, Microstock Expo 2013, eh? In one word – amazing. Exhausting, but truly amazing. The team has made it through with flying colors, lots of old friends, lots of new friendships, countless bytes of new info and of course, the Best agency Mobile app Awards for Clashot. This level of recognition means not just being planted firmly on the mobile photography applications map. It means that the future of mobile photography is now impossible without Clashot – plain and simple. Naturally, congratulations to us all but we don’t intend to rest on our laurels for too long. The team is rolling up the sleeves and getting back to work – it is Monday, after all. Cheers!

Clashot receives the best agency Mobile app Award on Microstock Expo 2013


Left to right: Maria Gordienko (Depositphotos, Sales manager), Elena Flanagan-Eister (Depositphotos, CEO) and Vadim Nekhai (Depositphotos, CMO)

Clashot from Depositphotos – a new-generation mobile photobank for iOS and Android

Clashot for Android and iOS

Several months ago we launched a beta version of our iOS application Clashot, which allows users to publish and sell mobile photos. The results of this trial period are quite impressive: we received hundreds of thousands of outstanding photographs from our users. In addition, we got a lot of feedback and many suggestions from Depositphotos contributors.

Our team has been doing its best to make it easier for you to sell your photos and increase your income, and now we’ve got some great news we’d like to share! Today we are proud to introduce not just an updated version of the application, but a totally new photobank for a new generation. Download Clashot to become one of the innovators of the stock industry!

—  We’ve significantly improved the application interface: now it’s simple and more logical.

—  We optimized the application speed. Now you can upload you photos to the Clashot website even faster!

—  The new Clashot is now available for Android users! Feel free to download it at Google Play. Invite your Android-using friends to Clashot!

—  Clashot customers can now buy images right in the application, adding the files they need to their shopping cart, and completing the order from their mobile device.

—  We are about to launch our innovative encouragement program for Clashot photographers. Now only will you be able to receive “Likes” from other authors, but you can even receive money: “Likes” from Clashot Experts have real cash value!

—  We’ll choose the best authors to become Clashot Experts: follow our news and notifications in the message center.

—  Besides, not only can you withdraw funds earned by selling your photos and receiving “Likes,” but you can also use those funds to pay for a number of services. Follow the updates!

Pop Quiz Answers: name all 25 apps

Copy paste keyboard - plagiarist tool

Copy paste keyboard (plagiarist tool) | Stock Photo © Depositphotos |Sielan

Since our friend and fan Anna Lee was the first to nail all 25 apps on our Facebook page, we’re gonna save ourselves some typing time and do the old copy-paste from Anna’s post. Here are her answers to the yesterday’s pop quiz: